Realize There is NOTHING Wrong With You & Everything Will Change! ( The Truth About Healing )

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Full Transcription:
Nothing is wrong with you literally nothing is wrong with you at all you may say well I don’t believe that and there goes why you believe there’s something wrong simply because you believe there is something wrong now of course this isn’t a way to spiritually bypass anything but you can

Reach and tap into a higher level of Consciousness if you can realize what I am about to say to be true and yes it is true this is not coming from a belief I have allow me to break it down so let’s say you are appearing to suffer from anxiety there is this

Constant story of I have anxiety and I need to heal it you go looking on you too on how to heal anxiety you watch spiritual videos on how to get rid of it and nothing is wrong with that but you can simply inquire what’s going on when anxiety appears to rise thinking begins

To happen along with an emotion that is attached to some false story that the mind will create about an illusionary future moment and when you are identified with the story and you believe in it of course it feels real and I know how real it feels it can be

Almost paralyzing the moment you get caught up in it and now the only thing you desire is to stop feeling that way which is only causing you to resist and make things worse but what if someone told you you don’t have anxiety and you never did it would probably be very triggering for

Some of you because you have been appearing to suffer from it for years maybe but it’s true you don’t have anxiety it’s just that you believe you do there is a very strong belief within you that believes there is something to heal now it’s probably just your definition

Of what healing is you have to realize that healing doesn’t mean you’re getting rid of things it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you when you heal you are realizing nothing has ever been wrong in the first place you’re coming back to truth and stepping away from the illusions of the Mind

If you believe the end of healing some destination in the future you will probably continue to heal and heal things for years the correct way to heal is to constantly realize everything is okay right now to realize you are perfect the way you are in this very

Moment to see that it’s just the mind that is making things appear like something is wrong the moment you begin to accept this those Illusions will be seen straight through for what they truly are thoughts may rise that say well I don’t feel like I’m Healed well it’s not about

Feelings it’s about the truth and the truth is your whole right now there is nothing you can gain or lose that will make you more or less and take away the truth of what you are it’s the ego that wants and needs things you are already everything you just

Believe that you aren’t just notice that belief and realize believing in that gives you zero benefits see how useless these beliefs are now when it comes to emotional healing even when the body is uncomfortable you don’t have to label that as something bad or listen to The False stories

Attached to it it’s simply Just Energy be curious of it as it comes and goes So how do you come to this realization of knowing nothing is truly wrong with you you have to be alert and aware enough to catch the mind whenever a belief of not being enough or something being wrong Rises and you just notice how useless believing in that is see how

It does nothing but make your experience difficult you may believe these thoughts are important but notice that even that belief of it being important is useless see how fake and unnecessary it truly is really try to look at it and realize a one that’s just a story that’s just a

Thought it’s not real and I don’t need it even if it feels real it’s not about feeling remember it’s about the truth what’s really exists outside of the Mind it’s past to catch these thoughts the moment they rise because as soon as you begin worrying about those thoughts and

Believing in them that’s when you begin to suffer from them and once you’re in that belief it can be very difficult and and comfortable for some time now to go even deeper spiritually into this topic what you truly are cannot even suffer and when I say you I’m not referring to the person

With the mind has created and you may believe yourself to be the only thing that can appear to suffer is the person and the only reason you are aware of this suffering is because you are not the suffering you are above it and the witness of it you are the awareness of this

Illusionary person appearing to suffer you are the witness of experience not the experience itself but if you identify with what’s being experienced and the one who appears to be experiencing it you will suffer from it once you realize you are not the person anything that’s attached to this

Person such as the stories of my life for my past or my anxiety and depression all of it will no longer affect you the same way it will actually be seen as not real anymore and eventually the person who also die in full way bringing you to a true self-realization of what you

Truly are you can call as God or Consciousness the labels don’t matter But once you begin having these realizations it won’t be a I finally got rid of the anxiety and fear Etc it will be while this whole time nothing was ever wrong with me it was just the mind and what I believed it was just all of these false filters

Of the mind blocking me from the truth really do this for yourself I don’t want you to believe me see if you can realize for yourself how your mind works and the thoughts that arise you’ll clearly see why for so long you believe there to be something wrong with you

The mind is not your friend right now don’t reject it but just no longer believe in it you can ignore the BS call its Bluff and constantly see how useless and destructive these beliefs are you don’t need to believe that everything is okay you can truly know everything is

Perfect in this very moment

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