POWERFUL Self Inquiry Questions To Help Realize What You TRULY Are. ( The KEY To Energetic Shifts! )

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Full Transcription:
Self-inquiry is one of the most powerful practices you can do when it comes to having realizations this is at the top of the list to help you see through the mind’s illusions you see realizations don’t come from what you know mentally they come from what you directly experience that’s the

Only important thing on this spiritual journey is that you experience the truth knowing it is great but you cannot wake up mentally because this whole thing is energetic for example you cannot grasp the present moment mentally you can’t think your way into the present moment you can only

Experience it you can only be it you can’t think your way into being what you truly are as Consciousness you can only be it so in this video I will provide some of the strongest self-inquiry questions to help you have realizations and if you do this daily Transformations will happen for you very

Quickly definitely if you can realize what I’m pointing to so let’s begin I will start by helping you deal with identification with thoughts and resolving mind attacks remember during self-inquiry we don’t look for the answers mentally realize it without the mind so ask yourself who is thinking these thoughts If the Mind said me ask yourself well who is this me Realize that you have to think about this me you have to imagine or create stories about this me see that me only exist in the mind Character that you believed yourself to be is simply a creation of the Mind ask yourself again where is this me and this time look round and realize you cannot find it Even if you go stand in the mirror and you say that’s me know what you are aware of is a human body me is just a label it’s just a story of the Mind the ego without memories without a name without labels that vessel still exists and because you can perceive it and

Because you are aware of it you are also not the body you’re just experiencing a body another question you can ask yourself is where does this me exist in the body does your attention go to the chest or the head well notice that without the minds judging and labels it’s simply

Just a sensation the me doesn’t exist you don’t exist and if the me doesn’t exist this also means that there is nobody here thinking thoughts foreign thoughts you will realize that thoughts just arise in Consciousness they are very random but most of us have the same thoughts every day because of how your

Brain has been programmed through conditioning realize that you are the awareness of thoughts meaning you cannot be them when the mind is quiet what’s still here now when it comes to mind attacks just stop for a second and ask yourself who is thinking these thoughts and when you

Look in your direct experience and realize you can’t find the who what the mind is saying will become less and less powerful over your attention Because you are beginning to see that you are not what you perceive you’re just a silent Watcher you’re just the screen that the movie’s being played on what’s here is consciousness and attention that’s all control your attention and you control reality now I’ll give you some questions to help

You realize that everything is one and how separation doesn’t exist and hopefully you’ll have your first experience of true Oneness so if you realize that the me you thought yourself to be used simply just another thought and mind creation realize that must mean nobody is who they think they are they just don’t

Realize it yet they’re still in the mind’s illusions everyone your mom your dad your friends who you think they are is simply another creation of the mind because they are you if you realize that you are Consciousness this means everyone is that which you have woke up to

The only thing here is consciousness we have just labeled things and gave our own personal meanings and ideas but the truth is it doesn’t actually exist it’s all a creation of the Mind look around but don’t label anything don’t judge anything don’t identify or become attached to anything be nothing

No nothing and just experience once again this is not a mental thing the Mind may try to paint a picture of what you are experiencing know see it for what it is not for what the Mind may be creating it to be Now I want you to ask yourself without the input from the Mind what’s left You may notice it’s just silence notice that you actually can’t describe what’s left you can only experience it you can only be it foreign it’s so simple life is all that’s happening Consciousness God whatever you want to label it it’s the only thing that’s actually here and it’s what you truly are Everything is one under life so experience everything is one become everything in your direct experience as one The Sounds the breath the sensations the sky the birds the smell you are effortlessly aware of all these things as one all the time but your attention is usually focused in the head

Space be here for now on it’s where all your power is it’s the only moment you truly ever have

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