Overthinkers..Here Is Your Solution! ( End Anxiety, Fear, Worrying )

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Full Transcription:
Overthinking can be one of the most annoying experiences and also one of the main reasons he tend to suffer too much the mind just doesn’t stop going you can try to distract yourself as much as you want but your attention seems to still be fixated on what’s going on in the mind

And it’s making your day-to-day experience is very draining but it’s okay this video is for all my overthinkers I really want you to realize everything I am about to talk about in this video for yourself please do not believe what I am saying check to see if it’s true for you

It’s the only way to overcome this thinking disease so I want to begin with something that will tremendously help you if you can realize this I want you to notice that thoughts emotions every experience comes out of nowhere there is this deeper place that everything rises from all sound comes

From this place the sensations of the body rise from this place notice that place behind my words it’s behind my words and it’s also and between them it’s always there and it never changes notice how sounds come from this place tune into nowhere it doesn’t actually

Have a location or an image it’s that whichever is everywhere but nowhere at the same time if your attention is on what I am saying switch it to Nowhere to the place where things arise from you don’t need to think about what I am saying trust me

You will hear what you need to hear without the need to think about it now why is this important to realize when it comes to overthinking well because thoughts also rise from this place You can say thought comes from the mind but you cannot locate the mind you can locate the brain but you cannot physically see or touch a thought thoughts don’t physically exist here on the 3D physical these these thoughts arise out of nowhere have you ever received a wild thought and said why

Where did that come from well it came out of nowhere Instead of paying attention to what thoughts are saying notice where they are coming from instead genuinely become interested and you do not need to create this place or look for it it can never go anywhere you have to notice it and it’s an effortless noticing do not try anything just notice it

The more and more you can sit in this something will begin to rise in your experience this deep sense of Peace will begin effortlessly being presence will rise more this is very important because this will lead you into noticing the next thing I will talk about

And that’s the fact that you do not control your thoughts you do not and have never had the control you thought you had over thoughts if you had full control over thoughts overthinking wouldn’t even be an issue anxiety wouldn’t exist because we would just choose not to think about the future

None of these mental struggles would exist thoughts are just happening please see this to be true it is impossible to know what you will think next notice how thoughts just rise thoughts are just happening there actually isn’t nobody here thinking anything nobody has done or is doing anything everything is just

Happening and what you truly are is the awareness of this happening to stop overthinking you have to realize that you’re not even doing it it’s not that you need to stop thoughts you just have to detach your identity from them because they aren’t you and you aren’t thinking

Some people will say well how do I stop them they just keep coming I need them to stop well they will never settle down if you are constantly resisting them and giving them so much attention and energy you cannot be something you can observe thoughts will naturally Fall Away on

Their own if you no longer give them so much attention see them as your annoying baby cousin they run up to you and they are just talking and talking and trying to get your attention you can notice them you will always notice them because thoughts exist

Within what you truly are and you are aware of them so effortlessly but that doesn’t mean you can to give them your attention once they realize oh he or she doesn’t want to give me any attention they will just go away we have this belief that these thoughts are ours but there isn’t

Even anyone here to claim these thoughts see them for what they truly are they are just thoughts they are not you thoughts come and they go and what you truly are can never do that it’s always here I want to give you an instant solution to seeing through the mind’s Illusions

And if you can see this your life will change instantly as long as you continue this inquiry practice things will change and 100 percent sure of it so there is actually nobody here thinking anything I said this earlier in this video but I want to bring it back

Up because it’s a reality shifting realization once you see it and you can see it right now so give you a couple seconds just sit and wait for a thought to rise or just think of something random Now ask yourself who’s the one thinking these thoughts and if your reply is it’s me well who is this me it can’t be the body the body doesn’t think the Mind does so who and where does this me exist only in the Mind Correct notice that who

You think you are is simply a thought you actually don’t exist isn’t that hilarious the one who claims to be the Thinker is just another thought you exist but not as the body and mind you exist as Consciousness as the awareness of all experiences so when overthinking is happening just

Stop and ask who is thinking and look for this thinker and notice that you will never find it you must do this constantly over and over again until that energetic shift happens and it becomes so clear that it doesn’t actually exist This discovery will lead you on the road of true self-discovery and the realization that who you thought you always were never existed it’s the freedom we all actually desire to be free from ourselves well good news you were never yourself to begin with please if you have any other neat tricks

Of being at peace with the Mind share them with everyone in the comments below I hope this helped you all thank you once again for watching

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