We all really only have one “birthday/birthdate,” and that’s the actual month/day/year of our physical birth (this time around). So with each passing year, what we are really celebrating is the “Anniversary” of our birth. For many people in the past, they had no idea when their date of birth was. Either no records were kept or they were left behind or destroyed in the wars. My grandmother didn’t know her birthdate, so we picked one and used that as the anniversary date of her birth. Also, for example … no one knows the birthdate of Jesus, so the Roman Church picked December 25th for multiple reasons.

The interesting thing to remember is that time itself … is based in consciousness. It is very important to understand what time is. In essence, it is nothing other than a mental construct created by the ego Mind to separate out perceptions and events into an order – so that the sensations arising from them can be assimilated and made sense of. As we are beings in the 3rd dimension, we can only ever perceive one thing at a time. It might appear that we can perceive many things in the linear dimension at once, but in reality, the linear Mind can only handle one perception at a time – no matter how ‘bunched up’ these perceptions seem.

Much in the same way … we believe ourselves to be able to “multitask.” Yet, even this is an illusion. We truly can only do one thing at a time, but the Mind switches it’s resources back and forth so fast between one thing and the other, that it appears we are doing many things at once. We are not, and nor can we. Also remember that the resources supplied for EACH thing that we are trying to do at the same time, are diminished. Therefore, the more we try and do at once, the less each thing can have attentive and responsive resources. Kind of like the folks that can do the spinning plates trick. The more they try and spin, the more probability for error. Because they are actually only spinning one at a time, and switching around and back and forth the more plates they try and add. Eventually … “Opah” as the Greeks would say … the plates come crashing down and break.

So, now back to the birthday thing. We have only one. The actual day and date of our birth. That’s it. Each successive trip around the sun, and the calendar and seasons, we reach the same place where we started. Each year is merely a revolution around the sun. So when the numbers match the month and day, it is the anniversary of our birth … not our birthday. So by now you’re probably thinking this is a matter of semantics and trivial at best … but it isn’t. And here’s why.

From the moment we begin our journey here at birth, the destination is death. There’s no avoiding it. Everything has it’s sunrise, noonday, and sunset. Originally among the ancient meanings of the Trinity, these were the three phases and levels applied to mankind, and to nature. When you are born, you are zero years old. Remember, zero is a full number and has value just like any other. Zero does not mean “nothing.” From this origin, our parents and those whose care we are in, teach us things … right and wrong … both by word and by deed. Eventually, we reach a point where it is us that design the map of the path that we will follow. We will have our own thoughts, decisions, beliefs, opinions, and actions.

Through Quantum Physics and modern science, we have come to the realization and understanding that MATTER is nothing but an ILLUSION. Scientists now recognize that everything in the Universe is made out of energy. Everything. Another one of these proven revelations is that “the Observer creates the reality.” This is a fundamental conclusion of the new physics and acknowledges that the Observer (us/consciousness/Spirit), does in fact create the reality. As Observers, we are personally involved with the creation of our own realities … thoughts are things (energy) and our thoughts create our actions and everything must manifest in form.

The fact that material substances (matter) appear out of thin air, with scientific evidence pointing to consciousness as that which is creating it, is remarkable. One minute we are holding a physical formed object in our hand, like a coin, and then the next minute we realize that if we were to focus in on the coins material substance with an atomic microscope, we would see that we are actually holding nothing. The spinning vortices that are the energy of everything, actually disappear into a void. What we would normally call – empty and nothing. But it’s within that void, that all things come from. Including the birth and rebirth of us.

Genesis 1:2 tells us: “the Earth (matter) was without form and void.”

From the VOID … comes ALL things. The void is the point of origin where boundless and endless potentiality emerges and emanates. This is the NO-THING (un-manifest) from which every thing is created from.

How powerful and amazing is that? It took modern science and physics thousands of years to come to the reality and conclusion that ancient philosophers, sages, shaman, hierophants, mathematicians, and people with an incredible foundation of ancient spiritual Wisdom … already knew.

During the time of your birth, you came out of the void (the Earth/Matter/Mother) and one day you will return from whence you came. Make the most of your time here. Think good thoughts. Do good deeds. Make the dash between the dates of your lifespan mean something good to yourself and others. Your “Birthday” is everyone’s birthday. We are all one in the Matrix of Universal Unconsciousness (the Field). We create all things moment by moment … today, tomorrow, and NOW. Everything that exists has always existed and will continue to exist for eternity. As the Old Testament Bible tells us: “there is nothing new under the sun.” All is energy … and we are energy, and this Life experience is but a blip on the radar of eternity.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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