Only NOW Exist NOTHING Else Is Real ( Realize And Shift Your Experience/Reality NOW! )

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Full Transcription:
Most of us only suffer from our imagination we tend to be so much in the world that the mind creates that it blinds us from what’s actually real constantly thinking about the past which doesn’t actually exist and I will explain what I mean by this soon we constantly think and imagine the future

And what may or may not happen even thoughts that rise to describe this moment those thoughts are not reality itself it’s just the thoughts about it but the truth is nothing that the mind is imagining and thinking about is real if you want to experience being your

True self you must accept that simply because no concept no words or no thought can get you closer to the truth of what you are or closer to what’s real what you are is here and now you don’t need to think about being here because you’re already here you can never not be

Here and you aren’t here as the body and mind that’s the mind that believes that the mind and body you are here as Consciousness as awareness and even labeling what you are isn’t the truth these words are to Simply point you to the experience of

Being all you have to do is notice it stop trying to create something or see something or feel a certain way it takes no effort to be because you already are it’s your natural state you can’t try to be natural but let’s get back into talking about

How nothing the mind creates is actually real I want to touch on the concept of the past if you can realize what I am saying this will tremendously help you no need to think about what I am about to say or understand it mentally just listen and realize for yourself that it

Is true that deeper Part of Yourself will grasp this for you So the Pasty isn’t real where exactly is the past if it is real you can’t say well it’s in the past but where is it where does the past appear to exist it can only appear to exist in the mind now I’m not saying things didn’t happen

They just didn’t happen in the past for example if you showed me a picture of you as a child you would probably say this picture is proof of the past this picture was taken in the past but that’s not true cameras pictures videos these are tools used to capture

The moment to capture the present moment this picture was not taken in the past it was taken in the present moment you can’t do anything in the past you can only do things now and then you’ll say well I remember five years ago when I went through the most

Traumatic experience of my life and you’re telling me my past doesn’t exist yes that’s what I am telling you like I said I never said things didn’t happen they just didn’t happen in the past to remember something you must have a memory of it correct

And what is a memory a memory is an imagination you have to imagine a memory it doesn’t matter if it happened or not it is still a creation of the mind it isn’t real what’s real is right now I want you all to remember something right now anything at all

It could be what you ate yesterday literally anything and notice how the mind is creating this and what the mind creates isn’t what’s real now look around is that memory here what is left without the mind’s imaginations and thoughts it’s something you can’t describe it’s the unexplainable that I’ve been trying

To point you all to you can’t actually label it you can only experience it Now this also applies to the future the future doesn’t exist all of those stories and fake scenarios your mind creates isn’t what’s real we talk about the future daydream about it but nobody has ever ever experienced the future have you heard the saying tomorrow and never comes because it

Doesn’t you have never experienced tomorrow it’s always been now it’s always been what’s here now and it can never not be realize now that there are two different realities you can choose to live in you can choose to live in hell which is through the mind’s reality where suffering appears to exist where

Delusion fear anxiety worry appear to exist where the false self appears to exist where the belief that you are a person appears to exist where the belief of being the body and mind exist where the belief that you have a life appears to exist or you can choose to live in heaven

Where you know that what you are is everything where you experience being one with everything knowing you are that which is everyone and everything thing where Consciousness is all that exists were things no longer appear to be happening to you but you now see the truth and notice that things are

Happening within you because nothing can actually happen to what you truly are where the external world has no control over your experience anymore where peace joy and unconditional love exist where this moment is the only moment and the mind’s Illusions have no pull on your energy where you can notice and comfortable

Sensation in the body and allow them to pass through because you know you aren’t anything that has form where Consciousness realizes its Consciousness what you are is formless now I’m not going to sit here and act like it’s a blissful experience every moment you will still experience emotions anger sadness Etc but the

Suffering and attachment to them are completely gone things are just happening and they are happening to no one if you want to truly step into your power you have to begin realizing how foolish what amazing the mind really is it’s an amazing tool once you can transcend it but it lies to you

Constantly you don’t need to understand this though stop repeating the mind is lying this isn’t real you don’t have to do that you’re just adding more information to the mind that you’re trying to transcend understanding this is great but it becomes an issue when the mind is constantly repeating knowledge because

We will sometimes identify with those thoughts all you have to do is realize it let the Mind do what it’s doing and just notice what it’s doing and realize that it isn’t what’s real what’s real is right now what you have been seeking for is here now it’s not

Something you create or look for it’s something you will soon realize and the mind cannot comprehend it or understand what’s left when the mind is empty truth thank you for watching

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