Oneness, Separation DOESNT Exist YOU Are Everyone! ( Conversations With God Episode #1 )

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Full Transcription:
I want to try something new on my channel a new series called conversations with God please feel free to drop topics you would like me to touch on and also leave multiple questions concerning the topic you chose So let’s begin episode 1 Oneness separation doesn’t exist hi God or should I say hi to myself because according to what you say me and you aren’t separate at all along my spiritual journey I have come across many reality shattering realizations and heard many things but this separation thing has been

Pretty difficult for me to believe how am I my mum and dad how much people like LeBron James and Donald Trump it’s very confusing well first off hi and yes this can be very confusing but that’s only if you make it more complicated than it is it’s very very simple

You must first understand that regardless of what you believe it’s fair to say that we all come from the same Source let’s take a look at the ocean the ocean is the source of all of the living things within it all the fish are born and created with the Waters of the

Ocean regardless if there are different species of fish they can all come together and say hey we come from the same source now just look at life itself the ocean the trees the animals the humans all of these things do not exist outside of life you can’t look around right now you

Can’t look at anything and say this isn’t life talking to me it’s life it’s happening within it yes I understand that you’re saying we all come from The One and Only God but I’m still having a hard time seeing how I am other people okay so I’ll ask you a couple questions

I’d like for you to inquire let’s dig deep with this you’ll see what I am pointing to soon so first who are you May well my name is Jack I have three siblings I grew up pretty poor I hate Seafood and on a good day I’m maybe somewhere

Around five eight I have anxiety and I’m usually the guy in the corner at dance parties I’d like to say that’s a good description of who I am what if I told you that all those answers are completely wrong how is it that you can forget about all

Of those things and still have that sense of existence what do you mean forget about all of that how could I ever it’s what I am you were not thinking about your name your siblings your childhood financial problems your height a couple seconds ago correct and you

Were still here with that sense of existence you see to realize that separation doesn’t exist you have to realize that who you think you are also doesn’t exist and you never have your name it’s a label given to the vessel you are experiencing you are not

Your name you could easily go and change your name and that sense of existence will not go away and everything that’s attached to your name also is what you truly are Jack Jack is a character Jack has a story called my life Jack has anxiety and

Stands in the corner of parties Jack has siblings etc etc whatever Jack wants to claim to have or do doesn’t matter because Jack doesn’t actually exist it’s all a creation of the ego of the Mind no yes there is a physical body here but it’s empty there isn’t someone named

Jack living within the vessel you are experiencing those are all just ideas you have grown to identify with what you truly are as Beyond personality it’s beyond the mind and body it’s beyond appearance because you cannot be something that changes or comes and goes that sense of existence comes from what

You truly are which is God Consciousness awareness it’s that which confirms that we are literally all one so LeBron James and Donald Trump don’t exist you’re telling me if I come to the realization that I don’t exist that must mean nobody does but it’s so clear to see that others exist

I mean I can think of a thousand other people outside of myself yes you can think about others that’s the only place they appear to exist is within thought is within the mind you see these characters including the one you believe yourself to be are all

Products of the mind of the ego how is it that you can perceive someone a certain way and I can have a completely different Judgment of them because their character appears different through my perception than yours everyone is a reflection of you because you are everyone

Look at the word everyone every one some one it’s right in your face even when you claim you are alone alone means you feel like the only one break down the word Paul one once you can realize that the one who claims to have anxiety the one who

Claims to have a name the one who claims to be the thinker of thoughts and the feeler of feelings once you can see that just another thought your true nature will begin Rising the one who claims to be Jack it’s just another thought you can’t find Jack

Anywhere no matter how long you look well I can go look in the mirror wouldn’t that confirm my existence or should I say Jack’s existence not at all you are not the body remember that you are the awareness of it you are the source that allows this body to exist

Here these bodies are just vessels for Consciousness for God for you to experience itself each vessel is just another perspective of God realize that when this human vessel was born it was empty and it still is that you have created a mental character to navigate through this

Experience which is great and not saying if someone calls your name don’t turn around because you know you don’t exist I’m just trying to show you what you seek for and that’s truth so many of us wish to be free from ourselves and the good thing is well we never been

Ourselves to begin with personality is created it’s not what you truly are to not identify with all of these ideas and labels they come and go and change notice that which is always here and has never left that’s what we all truly are as one once you know your true self you’ll

Begin realizing that everything is literally this everything is God everything is life you are the source of all existence you don’t have a life you are life itself wow I am beginning to believe you don’t believe me let go of all beliefs it has nothing to do with what I believe

This has nothing to do with the Mind know this realize it see it it’s the only way you can truly experience Oneness you cannot achieve this mentally separation is a mental creation it’s not real experience what’s here outside of the Mind it’s just this

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