Oneness. How Are We All One? ( Life Won’t Be The Same After This Video )

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Full Transcription:
I believe at some point the world will awaken to their true nature bringing everyone to the realization that we are literally all one everyone will realize that separation is an illusion and it’s not real and eventually the world will be at peace and full of love one of the most beautiful things about

This spiritual journey is the realizations that bring so much love the realization of Oneness is amazing coming to the realization that you are everything and everything is you it’s a very warm and peaceful welcome home once you realize this but a lot of people have the question

Well how am I everything how are we all one it’s a common question that I see in the comments and hopefully after this video you will not only have a clear understanding that maybe even a glimpse in experience of Oneness first you must accept that you have been

Light too it’s very easy to fool someone but it’s a lot harder for people to accept that they have been fooled your whole life you have been living in the illusion of Separation you believe you are character you believe to be someone with a personality and a belief

System and opinions Etc you believe to have a life the identification with the character creates the illusion of Separation because you believe well I am this person and that person is that person I have this personality and they have that personality if you look at a friend you may believe

They are separate from me you may use distance as your proof of separation Diaz these bodies are separate but the truth is you are not the body nor are you the mind meaning nobody is the body and nobody is the mind this is truth all you have to

Do is accept it there is no need to gather one thousand different concepts and go looking for more information accept it the only thing that doubts this is the mind because it’s been believing in the belief that you are the body for so long so when you go against that belief it

Tries to defend it but this truth isn’t found through the mind you won’t come to this realization of Oneness or the realization of not being the body through a concept it will be from a direct experience and you can experience this right now because what you are right now is already ever present

So once you realize you are not the body and mind then the next question is well what am I and I like to compare our nature to space the same with Jesus compared our nature to the sky or as referred to in the Bible as heaven

What we all truly are as one is like space look around realize that you can’t see space you can’t grab it you can’t think about it you can’t imagine it but we know it’s the even though it’s not an object it’s not possible to be aware of space

Because it’s not an object but what we can do is be it for now just let go of everything you think you know and accept that you are space not an acceptance from the Mind truly take this to be what you are in this very moment through your direct experience Meaning if you have realized that you are a space that means everyone is this space as one meaning you are literally everything you are the foundation of everything the source nothing can exist with that space without god without you realize how everything exists within you the body the mind all the other bodies

And Minds your city your country the universe everything exists within you and everything is created within you these are facts about our nature and you don’t need to think about this to know it you don’t have to believe this you can clearly observe and know it to be true Dreams should be clear evidence and enough for you to realize that you are literally everything the same way dreams and everything and everyone in those dreams are just you the same rules apply as this so-called awakened reality nothing changes you are still dreaming this is literally just a dream

We are all God as one God’s just having multiple dreams I love using the Bible sometimes because Jesus knew this they believe that Jesus was God In the Flesh well he was but so are you and I the same God Jesus is is the same God that we all are as one

It’s just that we have been programmed to identify with these dream characters completely forgetting about what we truly are the same way during dreams the most bizarre things can be happening during your dreams and in the moments you are convinced at it’s all real you believe

You are the body and mind within that dream until you wake up then you sail it was just a dream this realization that it’s all a dream happens in this awakened reality also that’s why it’s called the spiritual awakening you realize I was never this character and this character never truly existed

And that you are the source of all of this Jesus wasn’t Jesus Jesus is a label given to a vessel that God was experiencing Jesus is just a character whatever your name is it’s just a label it’s just a story of the mind you’re God acting right now but she just became

Attached to your role and character these characters don’t actually exist who you think you are is just a creation of the mind it’s just another illusion it’s actually not real yes there are bodies here I guess but there’s no body in these bodies whatever your name is you don’t exist in the body

You can only find who you believe yourself to be through the mind meaning it’s not real and you can see this and realize this to be true for yourself drop your beliefs and realize the truth the truth isn’t found through Concepts there is not truth in what I say there

Is no truth in language or books words and concepts are all just pointers to the truth no need to believe what spiritual teachers say go to what they are pointing to so for example if I say the present moment is the only moment we truly ever

Have don’t just say okay I now have that knowledge and mental understanding that’s good enough well prove to yourself that this is the only moment you can’t thank the present moment nor create it or imagine it you can only be it you can only experience it go to the

Experiences that these words are pointing to that’s the only way now with the concept of Oneness I would say believe that separation doesn’t exist no matter what just accept it because you can’t experience Oneness if you’re still believing in the illusion of Separation that belief is keeping that illusion alive

This also applies to believing that you are the body and mind and this character if you keep second guessing and having doubts all you are doing is keeping these Illusions alive and it’s not like you’re getting rid of something because these Illusions never actually existed when you begin having

These amazing realizations you’ll just see that it’s always been this way and you’ll see how the dream was just a filter over the truth acceptance of the truth will take you so far things will move so much faster for you if you accept that you are not the

Body and mind regardless of what you may be experiencing eventually the truth will begin Rising within your experience you’ll start realizing how those exist within you and you are not them if you accept that we are all one Oneness will begin rising in your experience and you’ll clearly be able to

Look past appearances and Egos and you’ll sense yourself in everything and everyone it’s very very peaceful and from peace joy and love will rise if we want the World to Change just focus on changing yourself everything is a reflection of you literally because you are everything if you change your reality within to

Love and peace that will be the reality you experience so if everyone does the inner work and everyone begins changing their inner world to love and peace the whole world will reflect this am truly excited to see the role out of this Great Awakening soon we will all be together

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