Nothings Wrong With Sensations. So Why Do You Fear To Be Uncomfortable?

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Full Transcription:
You aren’t actually Afraid of Anything You Don’t Fear public speaking you don’t fear failure you don’t fear the Judgment of others what you are scared of and trying to avoid is a sensation you avoid things that will trigger those Sensations to rise in the body because you don’t want to feel uncomfortable

That’s what you truly are afraid of you fear fear but here’s what most people don’t realize there is nothing wrong or bad about uncomfortable Sensations it’s those thoughts that the mind creates that has this narrative around and comfort which makes it appear as something negative if you drop the Judgment of the mind

That’s saying this is bad and something is wrong or I can’t do this if you ignore that and simply just place your focus on the sensation itself you’ll realize nothing is truly wrong with it yes it can be uncomfortable but it’s also possible to enjoy and comfort

It’s possible to be grateful for the pain that’s present in the body you first have to detach from it take your identity out of it this is not your fear this uncomfort is not happening to anyone it’s not happening to you because you are not the body

When you still identify with being the body it will cause a lot of resistance towards emotions it also makes you feel as if you are this individual who is experiencing life and life happens to them you also usually feared death when you identify with the body because it’s the

Body that dies not you most May adopt a victim mindset because of this they believe life is coming after them and they ask why is life doing this to me but it’s not when you identify with being the body you feel separate you can feel alone and you can be completely

Unconscious of your nature you are life itself you are beyond the body you were here before the body now is there an experience of different bodies well of course but that which is experiencing is what we all truly are as one the awareness of this body is the

Same exact awareness of the other eight billion bodies awareness isn’t personal but it is aware of all these different personalities most just unconsciously are identify with the illusionary personalities You are boundless meaning the body is not containing you and you can experience boundless you’re expansive your spaciousness the body appears within you and truly nothing can appear outside of you the only thing truly here is consciousness everything else is simply an appearance an idea the body we

Labeled it body we made that up what is it without a label when you realize and accept that you aren’t the body but the body is you because it’s made out of you it becomes so much easier to allow those uncomfortable Sensations to be felt through

The mind has this belief of I shouldn’t be feeling like this right now that also will drop and that’s a very powerful belief to let go of because you’ll no longer question I certain emotions arise you’ll no longer connect the narrative to those emotions and you’ll be able to fully allow to

Come and go a great way to let go of fear and honest to any other uncomfortable sensation is to bring it into being bring it to the heart and to love just be there for the body I mean you’re always here for the body but be there as

Awareness this time yes you aren’t the body but you should still take care of it if you’re asking how do you bring it into being allow me to take you through a quick letting go practice that may work for you Now we want to allow the body to become relaxed most of us do not know how to relax you may think you do but most don’t relaxing isn’t an activity of doing it’s a releasing of effort so let go allow the body to be heavy allow the

Face to relax most of us cannot relax because we are so identified with the face allow it to drool allow the body to just be there’s nothing wrong with how the body is feeling right now don’t try to feel good or happy whatever is here is perfect There may be a visual thought that is Imagining the face as you let go it may look sad or angry just ignore it there’s nothing wrong with it it’s not you anyways now without visualizing or looking down locate a sensation in the body if the Mind does imagine the body that’s okay

Just allow it to come and go no need to cling on to any thought It may be in the chest or in the stomach notice know that regardless of how it feels this is not you regardless of what the mind is saying this is not what you are you don’t need to believe that accept it Now repeat to this emotion thank you thank you thank it for being here it’s giving you a chance to transcend it it’s giving you a chance to release baggage pain is how we grow be grateful pain has only been seen as a problem because you believe it’s a negative

Thing you believe the body shouldn’t be feeling like this but it is so simply accept it Bring it into awareness allow it to be as it is without any desire for it to change or go away don’t imagine what this should be feeling like whatever is present is perfect If you can bring every triggered emotion to being like this every time life will dramatically change for you because we only suffer because we resist if you can relax and not resist if you can be okay with what’s present you’ll begin to realize how simple life really is Humans weren’t born to be in fear there is truly nothing at all to be afraid of we were taught how to be fearful we learned how to be afraid and you can unlearn it you can see through the illusion of fear don’t be afraid of feeling feelings Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign

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