NOTHING Is Happening To YOU!


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Full Transcription:
Nothing is happening to you and nothing has ever happened to you that’s such a triggering statement for the ego to hear but it’s true you are not a victim to life you are life itself and life itself can’t be touched by the content that’s appearing to happen within it

What you are is like space just things can appear to happen to these human vessels but nothing can happen to space because things can only appear to happen within it but because your identity is with the body and mind that’s why you take things personally this is why you feel alone

This is why you feel as if life is coming after you as if you are a victim to it this is why you believe something has happened to you or is happening to you but if you are on this journey to self-realization you have to accept and see how it’s genuinely impossible for

Anything to happen to what you truly are knowing this will allow you to see what’s here that can be damaged and once you see that you’ll know well this can’t be what I am because nothing can happen what I truly am I know there will be Minds in the

Comments who try to find some way around this well what if this happened to me and that happened Etc and okay I understand you may have had traumatic experiences and I’m genuinely sorry that your body mind had to go through that every body mind goes through that but this doesn’t change the

Truth of how Untouchable your nature truly is there are no excuses nothing has ever happened to you and this you I’m referring to can’t be the body and mind because things can happen to those there is something here that can’t be touched by anything not by thoughts not

By emotions not by other bodies nothing here in this reality can touch it because this reality appears within it this reality isn’t even what it appears to be it’s just an appearance it’s not actually what’s here it really is consciousness dreaming a world space awareness Consciousness how could

Anything happen to you you’re not even an object that’s like trying to punch the space in your room like trying to argue with that space or trying to blow it up with a grenade you can even set off a nuke and this space won’t be damaged at all because once

Again everything is appearing to happen within it I believe this is why death is so scary for many of us though because we are identifying with something that does die and that’s the body if you knew you weren’t the body death wouldn’t be a scary thing for you

Because you would realize okay if I’m not the body that means what I truly am has never been born meaning what I truly am can never die and it’s true you have always been here as this Consciousness awareness as this space for this reality to appear in

You have never been the fear that arises or the guilt and shame you have been that old loving accepting space that’s allowed those emotions to exist Within and want your identity does Fall Away with the things that you are not those emotions and thoughts are seen with a

Different light Fierce seen as fear anymore for me personally all labels drop from emotions they aren’t necessary but these Sensations then can be accepted and expressed for what they are instead of what the Mind Is Telling You they are you’ll no longer feel like sadness is happening to me or anger is happening

And to me you’ll simply notice that saddens is here anger is here in the body and those stories attached to those emotions will also Fall Away there will no longer be a reason to why you feel this way there won’t be a blame game anymore they made me mad they broke

My heart they are the reason I’m like this those stories won’t be projected and attached to anything outside of you because there is no such thing as an outside of you because you are everything literally this awareness that I’m pointing to is everything it’s the only thing here

Everything else is just that awareness appearing as something else and you appear as all this because you want to experience yourself in as many ways possible you are always interacting with yourself no matter what life is always experiencing itself you’re not this separate person who is experiencing life

You’re not a victim to life you are life this also doesn’t mean to give up common sense don’t go turn the stove on and burn yourself because I said nothing can happen to you it’s still going to hurt it won’t hurt you but it will hurt the body

Take care of the body of course a voice situations where you think the body will be in danger none of these videos are met to make you stop enjoying and experiencing The Game of Life every video I make is my way to try to get you to realize what you truly are

Because there is a peaceful joyful no suffering way to experience this experience and from my experience it’s through the realization of what you truly are and to point you to that there are some statements that sound crazy such as you are not the body or nothing has ever

Happened to you or you are God foreign of things like this growing up we have developed very strong beliefs systems about things that aren’t true and challenging those beliefs can be uncomfortable and confusing at times but it’s all a part of the process this process is about unlearning not learning

You don’t necessarily have to find what you are because you already are what you are it’s more about seeing what you are not and then naturally what you are will become so much more clear and when you do you’ll just laugh because it’s the most obvious simple and

Natural thing and you’re here where else could you be foreign

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6 months ago

But when I touch fire I burn ?!

6 months ago

Sometimes I feel like something paranormal is happening in my life like something unexplainable but who cares its just happening

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