NOTHING is Happening to YOU! ( A Life Changing Realization )

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Full Transcription:
Nothing and I mean nothing is happening to you and before you get defensive and scream at me for saying something so reality breaking let me explain nothing is happening to you and when I say you I am referring to the boundless loving expansive energy of what you

Truly are the truth is that which what you are cannot be damaged it cannot be hurt it cannot take things personal it cannot suffer isn’t that great to hear to know that there is this deeper part of yourself that can handle any and everything regardless of what you may be

Experiencing anything and it’s actually not a deeper part of yourself it’s what you are it’s not something you need to go and search for because it’s what you already are and it’s so hard to notice this because it’s what we are for example the eyes cannot see their eyes a

Scale cannot weigh itself we can’t physically see see what we are but we can sense it we can return our identity back to the truth what you identify with is exactly why life appears to be a struggle we identify with so many things that we are unconscious of and the moment these

Identities begin to change or they are taken away from us we suffer for example let’s say you just got into a relationship we tend to say this other person is now mine you are mine you are a part of me some of us get so deep into this that we

Forget about ourselves and now we depend on the other to make sure we feel loved we put them before us and completely give our power away so the moment this relationship ends our whole reality shatters your heart breaks you feel unworthy you feel used and

Useless you feel like a piece of you has been taken away but the truth is you are still whole you didn’t lose anything this you that you think yourself to be is the only one who appears to have lost something so if I asked who was the one

Who lost their partner you will say me but who is this me this me is just an idea it’s just a story of Who You Think You Are because like I said what you truly are hasn’t lost anything only the false self believes it’s lost something

If you identify with that idea of who you think you are you will go through life suffering we have to detach from this false self it’s not real it doesn’t exist lots of people doubt and are scared to let go of who they think they are because this is who you are believed

Yourself to be for so long but if you really knew how powerful and strong what you really are is you would be extremely excited to discover it who you think you are as a created character all of your beliefs conditioning labels Etc they can all be changed how can you be something that

Changes thoughts and emotions Etc these things come and go how can you be something that comes and goes what we all truly are is so so so much more it’s the power that never changes or comes and goes it’s what’s been here this whole time and can never not be here

When people say I am the only one who has been here for myself well who is this I that has been here for myself the eye and the myself are not the same that I is what you truly are the peace that’s aware of every single experience

The Observer who is not affected by anything it may be experiencing and the myself is the self that most of us identify with this is why we think things are happening to us but the myself is just an idea of who you think you are it’s all a mental creation

When anxiety comes we say I have anxiety why do I keep overthinking these thoughts why is God punishing me why is my life like this why me well who’s aware of all of this happening it can’t be the false self that you think yourself to be because that’s who

You think it’s happening to but what is it that is watching this experience happen it’s the truth of what you are there isn’t two of you there isn’t this awareness and then this character if you want to be free and if you want to be able to detach from things that make you

Suffer you must realize that there is only this Consciousness awareness because the character is just a story of the mind your anxiety is a story because at one point you didn’t have it your fear is just a story because at one point you didn’t have it this suffering

That you claim is happening to you is just a story of the mind I mean where else do these things exist they only exist in the mind and you’re not the mind because you are the awareness of its activity and remember there isn’t two of you the

One you think it’s happening to doesn’t exist that’s honestly all you have to realize once you concede this for yourself and you must see this for yourself understanding this mentally won’t do anything for you once you see this a door of power will begin opening up for you and as you

Constantly see it over and over again it will naturally break your old conditioning suffering can no longer exist because you will realize that suffering actually doesn’t exist because there is no one here to suffer it’s hilarious once you realize it for me I laughed every time I realized that

Nothing was and has ever been happening to me how can something happen to awareness if something can happen to awareness there would be an awareness that’s aware of it you can’t even find awareness you can’t locate it you can’t put it in a box you can’t harm it you can’t archao it if

You get mad just imagine if you took the seat of this awareness imagine if you returned back to the truth what you have always been how could anything possibly cause suffering for you ever again and honestly it’s not really a journey to find this because it’s what you

Already are you are that which is directing your attention to this video you are not the one who sees dies give you the ability to see but you are the one who’s aware of the seeing happening you can’t see your vision but you are aware of it happening correct you are

Not the one listening you are aware of listening happen there is no one here to see there is no one here to listen this is all just happening under the awareness that we all are as one everything is just happening and Consciousness takes form of different life forms to experience what we call

Life we are all Consciousness experiences itself it’s amazing nothing is happening to what you truly are and nothing can happen to what you truly are it isn’t possible

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