It has been said that “Myths are things that never happened but always are.” This quote is attributed to the 4th century Roman historian and mystic Sallustius. It describes the allegorical nature of Mythology and suggests that they contain behind their often fairy tale and fantastical nature, hidden Truths and higher meanings.

Two quotes from the brilliant Joseph Campbell:

“All religions are true but none are literal.”

― Joseph Campbell

“Myth is much more important and true than history. History is just journalism and you know how reliable that is.”

― Joseph Campbell

The Bible is a message system … a collection of myths, allegories, and metaphors containing deeper meanings that what lies at the surface. Scripture is abundantly filled with these hidden meanings presented in each chapter and verse. This was the design at its inception, by its original writers. Mystical meanings were hidden in the text, in the names, in the geography, in the nationalities, and in the stories … for a purpose and for a deeper message.

Take the names in the genealogy of Adam to Noah, and you will have a summary of the intended message … in it’s esoteric form. Designed, premeditated, intentional, and meant for us to find … when we earnestly look for it.

For example, when discovering the root meanings of each genealogical name written in Genesis (in the original Hebrew), and then put in order … you will find this revelation:

Adam – Man

Seth – Appointed

Enosh – Mortal

Kenan – Sorrow

Mahalalel – The blessed God

Jared – Shall come down

Enoch – Teaching

Methuselah – His death shall bring

Lamech – Despair

Noah – Comfort and rest

Now, put those meanings into a complete sentence and you get:

“Man appointed mortal sorrow, the blessed God shall come down teaching. His death shall bring despair comfort and rest.”

The ancient Hebrews, and many other civilizations before them, used symbols to code their meanings. This was for many reasons. One of the simplest reasons was to separate an exoteric (outward) message for the masses, and an esoteric (inward) message for the initiates into the mysteries.

When studying ancient spiritual scripture and writings, the original language(s) is paramount for understanding the intent and for translating property the apocalyptic (revealing what was hidden) style of the writers. There were no movies, books, or Internet back then as a means of entertainment. People told stories, and passed them down by word of mouth. It was ok to change things … if it provided the listener with a deeper meaning or teaching. This was mythos (myth).

In a sense, Myths are stories that talk about the higher things and the more profound subject matters. They deal with the important issues that deal with God, cosmic origins, ultimate conclusions, purpose and destiny. They derive from humankind’s quest to answer the big questions concerning the nature of the Divine, the nature of reality, the human condition, consciousness, higher powers and our relationship to those higher powers. They deal with the meaning of Life.

Always look beyond the letter of the law. As it states for us in 2 Corinthians 3:6:

“… who also hath made us able ministers of the New Testament (new covenant); not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth Life.”

Look for, meditate on, contemplate, and research within for the meanings behind the written story. Look between the black and white … read between the lines. Divine Spirit will speak to you from within … that still small voice. You’ll know what vibrates the Truth, and what illusion is presented by it’s disharmony.

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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