Morning Meditation For Instantly Clearing Your Mind For The Rest of the Day | Guided Meditation

Videos by @YourHigherSelf_ – These vids have been fresh water to my thirst. Listen and enjoy.

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Full Transcription:
Thank yourself for taking time out of your day to feel better in this meditation you will be able to quiet your mind instantly and be thrown into the magical realm of the present moment so let’s close the eyes and get started right away let’s take a couple deep breaths and

Really feel the air coming in and out of the body you don’t need to thank for this exercise just feel it great job now to quiet the mind there is a very special practice i came across that completely takes your attention away from thoughts don’t focus on my words

Don’t focus on your breath focus on the energy in your inner body feel your body and that’s all you need to do is feel when your attention is placed in the inner body thoughts cannot exist at the same time start with feeling your hands and feet

Then start feeling the rest of your body you are doing so good whatever you are feelings is fine i will now let you practice this inner body awareness for some time also breathe a little deeper than usual you got this If thoughts and feelings appear don’t judge them just let them be don’t react You are so powerful Breathe in light you are light You can exist and live in the present moment instead of living in your head that is an option for everyone just feel Now i will bless you with some knowledge that i hope stays with you after this meditation Worrying never helps we only worry because we think we have to but haven’t you noticed that it never does anything good for you all it takes is becoming aware of your negative patterns and realizing that it takes your happiness away you have to make that decision to want

To feel better and be happy i know it’s hard at times but find that courage in you it’s there i promise Practice not reacting to anything to any thoughts or feelings if you can control your reactions you can control your life and if you’re wondering how not to react just place your awareness in the inner body and just be just be okay with whatever shows up have that knowing and trust that this

Simple practice will solve so much for you now return back to just feeling your inner body for some time you are doing wonderful so Breathe in what you do want and let go of all the bs you don’t want just be here just be present for it is the only moment we truly ever have Today is going to be so great for you you just took another step closer to the liberation you’ve been looking for allow yourself to feel good today and keep some awareness in the inner body and trust in yourself because it will take you so far i promise thank you for listening

Have a wonderful day today you are so powerful [Laughter] you

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