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Full Transcription:
So you want to manifest you want the money the house the cars the relationships those things are all wonderful desires to have but honestly they don’t bring the Fulfillment you think they will bring and when you do manifest these things into your reality once you get them you

Have a little burst of excitement for maybe a day and then you’re back to feeling how you felt before you had what you wanted and I think the reason this happens is because you are using a manifestation method that doesn’t truly give you what you want you may not even be conscious

Of what you truly want so in this video I will teach you the only thing you truly need to do to manifest and to also make sure you’re actually fulfilled and happy during the process now before we begin I have videos that talk about how we aren’t actually in

Control and are doing anything about how Free Will doesn’t exist I’ve had people ask me well how does manifesting work if we aren’t in control the best way to explain this is to say things are just happening manifesting is Just Happening decisions are just happening along with actions it’s very

Very random you have these randoms desires programmed into you and the action to bring these desires to life just happens I just wanted to get that out of the way I’ll go deeper into the No Free Will thing in another video but let’s continue please listen because I’m

Giving you everything you truly need for this after this video you shouldn’t need to search for more ways to manifest the first thing we all must realize is what we truly desire is feelings you don’t actually want these material things you just think you do this is why

We see so many celebrities and Millionaires and billionaires who are still unhappy in life because nothing here in this material world and give you what you truly want it’s a scam everyone wants the American dream but when they get it they’re still in a living nightmare me personally I desired money like we

All have and once I got it all I wanted was more of it and the moment I realized that something clicked I noticed how much of a trap chasing the material world really is my inner world didn’t change at all I mean my finances changed and some stress

Went away but I was still suffering you don’t want a million dollars you just want to feel free you don’t want a relationship you just want to feel love you don’t want anything for what it truly is you want the emotion you believe you will get from having it

And when it comes to manifesting this is all you need to realize and here’s why let’s say you are trying to manifest a new car what you have to do is think about how having this new car will make you feel do it right now all of you to cure you

Inside your dream car you can literally smell the new car smell you can feel the material on the steering wheel you can hear the music playing and the cars passing you on the street but how do you think this will make you feel is what’s important

Instead of trying to bring the dream car to life instead of focusing so much on that grab the feeling of that manifestation and really feel it you see what you desire desires you you literally already have everything you ever wanted but you don’t have it in material form because that’s not what

You truly want anyways you have it already vibrationally the very moment you think about it the very moment you create it everything around you was once just a thought it was already created in the mind before it became physical it already existed but because our experiences here in the 3D and the 3D

Things take apparent time to manifest here so if you can capture the feeling and the feeling alone from what you desire to manifest that is proof that you already have it if I can feel like I have a million dollars I already have it it’s just not here physically yet

You have to realize this if you want to become good at manifesting know that you are everything so you already have it but the more and more you stay in the feeling of that manifestation or having the understanding that you already have it by law naturally will come to you you

Will attract everything that’s attached to that feeling to your physical reality do not chase your dreams that’s implying that they are running away from you attract them let it come to you our knowing you already have it you have it vibrationally and that’s all that’s important I’ve manifested many things in my life

In very little time because I understood how it all truly works now we have all heard people say manifest something and then let it go and we wonder well how can we manifest something if we stop trying to manifest it well remember you already have what you

Desire you just don’t believe it because it’s not here physically yet so let’s go back to the car manifestation I’ll explain letting it go to receive it in a way for you to truly understand what that means so you have imagined it you can see it

Feel it smell it hear it you’ve included all five senses in your imagination so it feels as real as possible now once you have the feeling of the manifestation let go of the manifestation and keep the feeling let go of the mental work and only focus on the physical energy Feel This Feeling

Just because it feels good to feel that feeling you don’t need a reason to feel good feel good because it feels good to feel good remember this is now proof that you have what you desire so now there is no need to keep asking for it and chasing after

It you already have it you wouldn’t be trying to manifest your dream car if you already had it well act as if you do because you honestly do whenever you want to think about this car think about it as if you already have it be grateful for it imagine yourself driving it around

You can even create fake scenarios in your head about it but fully convince yourself that you have it already it’s going to be a little hard as you are new to this but that’s only if you let your external World convince you that you don’t have it Manifesting is a great tool we are creators everything you see is a manifestation even these bodies wake up to the power you hold the universe is a big playing field for what you truly are as Consciousness to explore itself and create have fun learn return back to what you truly are and

Create the life you desire this was all made for you and you only you are everything and everyone so it’s time to stop acting now it’s time for Consciousness to realize its consciousness we are all God collectively you just haven’t come to that realization yet but

You will very very soon thank you for watching

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9 months ago

Thank you!

Lost Wanderer
Lost Wanderer
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You’re welcome! Remember to check out Your Higher Self’s Youtube channel for many more:

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