Manifest In 3 Days Using This Technique | The Law Of Assumption | Neville Goddard

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Full Transcription:
Please close your eyes and prepare for this life-changing meditation Let’s start by taking a couple deep breaths really feel the air coming in and out Breathe in peace and light and let go of anything that doesn’t serve you doesn’t it feel good to breathe foreign For you to experience this so you can you can come the Creator you were meant to be so let’s begin shall we the law of assumption is by far the most magical and Powerful laws the universe has and the results of this practice can show up in less than three days this is

How powerful this manifestation technique really is three days the duration is three days for response in this world if I would now assume and what I want to be and if I am faithful to it and walk as though I were the very longest stretch given for its realization is three days

Neville Goddard foreign if you can emerge yourself into the Assumption and walk as if you have your manifestation talk as if you have it think as if you have it and fantasizes as if you have it by law it will manifest in your physical reality and no more than three days or less

But I understand doubt can get in the way of being able to believe you have what you want to manifest but you really do have it there is no lie in that you see the very moment you ask for something you have already created it it’s not here in this 3D dimension but

It has been created in your Vortex we are energy living in a vibrational reality your manifestation is not physically here but it’s vibrationally here one hundred percent it just takes time to manifest here but it takes no time at all to manifest inside of your Vortex you literally do have everything

You want right now it’s just about allowing it to come to you we attract everything in our lives everything and you can’t allow anything to come to you if you continue to doubt it so if you already have it be grateful for it act as if you already have it

Because you do I will now take you through the visualization part of the meditation to prove to you that you already have it foreign I want you to visualize about something you want or visualize who you want to be whatever you are trying to Manifest this law applies to any and all manifestations You got it foreign look like Picture yourself in this reality where you are living this manifestation fully how does it make you feel if you had this What feelings do you think it will bring How would you carry yourself if you had this how would you think if you had this start to create a mental movie about your manifestation play out a whole scene including your manifestation and really feel really feel this surrender fully to it from your heart smile a little bit to raise your

Vibration you may even start laughing and feeling really good as long as you are feeling it you are doing it correctly foreign be so grateful that you have this right now say thank you 100 times if you have to I am so grateful to have this and my life right now I knew I would get it I get everything I want because this is my reality foreign Visualization plays a big part in this technique because it gets you in alignment with what’s inside your vortex you see all humans Chase honesty as feelings we only want things because we think it will make us feel a certain way and if you can feel how your

Manifestation may make you feel Why You just prove to yourself that you already have it you just pull the feeling from your imagination into this very moment you already felt your manifestation now it’s all about just staying in that alignment you don’t have to stress and think about it all day because you’re

Supposed to act as if you already have it because you do you don’t need to think about when it will come because you already have it what would you be waiting for and if doubt comes it’s okay don’t beat yourself up for it be grateful for it understand that you are not your

Thoughts and you can’t control them and see that doubt is just showing you what’s in the way you have a choice to believe in it or not Remember by law these things have to come to you that’s just how the universe works the universe has laws that are

Always working no matter what they aren’t working for you or against you they are just working but you can manipulate them to work for you I will now give you time to visualize if you choose to now that you have this knowledge apply it and receive everything you have ever wanted happy manifesting Thank you Foreign Thank you Thank you foreign Thank you Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Thank you Foreign Thank you Foreign Thank you Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign

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