Look And See What It’s Made Out Of. ( Very Powerful Inquiry )

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Full Transcription:
There is a very simple yet powerful question you can ask yourself and it comes to pretty much anything and everything if you are struggling to see through the illusions of the Mind if you are still identified with form etc etc or even if you haven’t accepted that

There is no such thing as separation simply ask yourself what is this made out of what is the nature of this and your answer shouldn’t be a mental one so don’t look for it in the mind for example if the mind is constantly active and thoughts just won’t stop ask well

What are these thoughts made of what is the nature of thought no need to focus on whether thought it there or what the thought is saying ask the question and then look The answer will not be another thought so don’t listen to the mind while it’s coming up with answers or even when it’s confused even those thoughts can be questioned everything is made out of Consciousness out of you it’s the foundation of everything Rises out of this boundless space everything’s within it and nothing can exist outside of it sounds are also perfect to use here you can ask where does sound rise from sound comes out of nowhere go to what nowhere is Trace sound back to its nature to its foundation

And realize its nature is also your true nature everything is you when you begin to realize there is truly only one thing here and you see that the one thing that’s here is you the way you experience life will change no matter the thought no matter the

Sensation you can trace it all back to what you really are go to the foundation the root of everything So instead of focusing on what it appears to be focus on what it’s made out of and just watch what happens this has been a very very powerful practice for me this will also help you realize and most likely allow you to experience Oneness which is by far one of the most freeing

And peaceful experiences to experience and it’s not really an experience because experience come and go this is how it’s always been it’s always here what’s real is what’s always here Allow me to guide you through a quick practice so for a second just close your eyes and direct your attention to yourself there is no need to try to listen to me listening is happening regardless without an idea of you listening remember you are your own teacher do not

Put me or any other teacher on a pedestal you have all the answers but anyways just be alert now notice every single thought that rises It is just a thought affirmed that realize there is no reality to thought See that it’s not real nah instead of running away from this thought or trying to become the Observer of the thought get as close to it as possible ask yourself what is this made of the answer cannot be vocalized or thought about go to its nature if it

Helps ask yourself where does this thought arise from where is it coming out of this may point you to what I’m trying to point you to better This is what you really are you are this you may open your eyes now these questions apply to everything if you are doing emotion work and you tend to identify or resist what arises ask yourself what is this made out of or does this rise from then go to where

That question points and experience both of those inquiry questions are great pointers for truth when you master this skill of willing to return to the nature of Life instead of focusing so much on the content of it not only will you realize your life itself but also

Life will become so simple for you very quickly life is very simple it’s the belief you have in mind that causes it to be difficult because there is truly nothing wrong with you everything is perfect healing isn’t about fixing yourself it’s about realizing there was never anything

Broken about you it’s a returning back to truth so I don’t want to Cloud the mine with more and more information about this inquiry technique you have to try this on your own I can’t do it for you and no other teacher can awaken you it’s all up to you Foreign Foreign Foreign

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