Life is a VR Experience. A Guided Realization Video

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Full Transcription:
What if life is just a game this what if is actually closer to maybe it really is a game the game of life now for this video prepare yourself to interact with it as I take you through a real life interactive experience to hopefully help you see what you truly

Are and what this reality truly is so are you ready can you drop all of your current beliefs for a second and just take what I’m saying to be pointers to experience the truth only the ones who want the truth will find it so without further Ado I will ask you

Now to close your eyes for a second it won’t take long at all don’t worry you will open them right back up with your eyes closed it is time to let go of your memories let go of what you believe to be true and let go of any resistance just be

Now you are in a very very Advanced VR game in five seconds I will ask you to open your eyes five four three two One open your eyes Welcome To The Game of Life this Sensation that is happening right now is what we label the body we don’t really

Know what it really is it’s just the label we gave it locate the sensation of what we call the hand and observe it feel into that sensation for a second do you feel that aliveness and that sensation well if you use the power of your attention you can feel that everywhere

Actually try your feet and head and chest Feels pretty nice right it also feels like you doesn’t it yes this is the character you are experiencing but remember this is all a game this character isn’t who you are a lot of us got so deep into this experience that we started identifying with things we are

Not causing everyone to feel separated but separation doesn’t exist here it’s all an illusion for example locate an object that appears to be separate from your character have you selected something now what if I told you that you are that also sounds crazy right but understand that you’re

Not just in this game you are the game you don’t have a life because you are life I know it feels like that isn’t you but that’s just because you still believe that separation exists but it never has and it never will you are everything and everyone

And there is only one thing going on this game is the only thing that is happening life is the only thing that is happening God Consciousness is the only thing that is happening and remember there is no separation so that means you are this one thing that is happening

Every thought arises as God every emotion arises as God every experience arises as God because that’s all there is how could there be anything else to seek if this is all there is we think we have to get somewhere we think we are close to Liberation or

Enlightenment but we can’t move close to it or far away from it because it’s right here this is it Now understand that this is a game your character isn’t actually real there is no such thing as a self and there has never been a self yes the experience is

Real but you are not what you think you are hear me out you right now can confirm that you are watching and experiencing this video if someone asked what are you doing right now you would respond I’m watching a video and it feels like it’s you who is doing

It but there is no you to be doing anything and there has never been things are just happening sounds are just happening thoughts are just happening Sensations are just happening this experience is just happening but it’s happening to no one it’s just happening and what you truly are is experiencing it everything

Happens without the idea of self so you don’t exist while you do but not as this character you are existence nothing can exist without you nothing can happen without you you as in God Consciousness universe life whatever you want to call it because that’s the only thing happening

Remember don’t try to understand who you are mentally the Mind cannot understand something that is more than it this realization is energetic all realizations are energetic you may have questions like well if I don’t exist why am I paying bills well it’s a part of The Human Experience

Unfortunately or if I don’t exist how can I see my body in the mirror well in a VR game you can see your character you can see all the Landscapes and even how the VR characters and you know that they don’t really exist even if you are experiencing a reality it

Doesn’t mean it’s what it appears to be guys we don’t know what any of this really is we are just experiencing things happen we don’t know what the body really is we just labeled it but without memories or labels or images if you close your eyes it’s just Sensations happening

And we labeled this sensation the body and if you go deeper than that we don’t even know what a sensation is we just know something is happening it’s pretty liberating for me to know that makes me believe that Free Will doesn’t really exist neither but things are just happening and they are

Happening to no one for example you didn’t decide to click on this video because there is no you to make that decision a decision was just happening and these decisions happen so fast that you don’t even realize that it’s just happening I want to go back to the topic of

Separation for many reasons we believe that separation exists we use the illusion of distance in our egos also help with this illusion but it’s not real and separation has never existed you and I are one let’s just say you are a space look around your room and notice the space

Notice how everything exists within this space including your human body here’s a fun fact the universe and everything and it is made up of 99.9 space so as you are this space and also everything in it distance cannot be a argument for separation because everything exists within space Here’s another example

You think you are a fish in the water who doesn’t even realize it’s in water you can’t seed you can’t locate it but it’s everywhere regardless of where you go but actually you are the ocean and everything in it the first that you think you are can’t exist without who

You really are you are the ocean and there is no separation from the ocean and the things that are inside of it and there is also no distance that can confirm separation because you are literally everywhere and nowhere at the same time even though you cannot locate it or see it

To truly experience the feeling of no separation you must first believe that to be true this is one of those believe it before you see it once this becomes a genuine belief your external world will begin proving to you that separation doesn’t exist and you will soon realize that it never has

This may be a lot to take in right now and believe but I hope this is at least sparking some curiosity in you trying to comprehend this mentally can help a little bit but honestly no words or thought knows what you are no words have the truth they are only used to

Point you to the energetic experience but don’t go seeking for this because you will never find it this is it this is what you have been seeking for everything you are experiencing is Liberation it is God it is life it is you even the suffering and pain it’s all

God and if you constantly see this resistance to what is willful way picture life without resistance do you see how free that is that’s true Freedom the moment you realize that all of this is a game that all of this is a dream it’s the moment you become free just

Like in a dream if you ever become lucid and aware that you are dreaming you get this amazing sense of freedom because you realize that you are dreaming notice how regardless of the bizarre things that happens in our dreams during the experience of dreaming we believe that

It’s real but when we wake up we say oh wow that was just a dream the same realization will happen for you once you awaken to what you are and to this experiences it’s just a dream it’s just a game if you would like a more detailed

Explanation on the topic of this video I would look into non-duality teachings they have helped me understand this mentally to a level to where I can know it through experience I hope I have sparked at least some curiosity in you and I hope I have answered some of your questions along

The way thank you for watching

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