Letting Go | Powerful Guided Meditation For Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Attachment Etc

Videos by @YourHigherSelf_ – These vids have been fresh water to my thirst. Listen and enjoy.

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Full Transcription:
Hello and welcome to this Letting Go guided meditation please find a comfortable position for yourself to fully relax today and close down your eyes let’s take a nice big deep breath and on the inhale say out loud or in your head I am not my body

And on the exhale say I am not my mind to this three times and relax let go you are safe foreign I want you to bring you attention onto the body since the aliveness of the hands and feet while I speak for a little bit so that you have a clear understanding of how to let go no need to think about what I am saying because who you truly are will understand

When it comes to Letting Go understand that this is not an activity this isn’t a doing to let go is to Simply give up on trying it’s letting go of effort and just being the only reason you can’t seem to let go is because you are tying

Too and that causes conflict between you and the ego and creates resistance leaving you probably a lot more frustrated and uncomfortable so for today’s meditation don’t try to do anything there is no need to try to change your thoughts there is no desire needed for any emotion or thought to go

Away be that open space Consciousness that you are and allow and accept whatever may be present you can do that I know you can and I know you will to come that love you seek for and just allow things to be if you don’t cling or judge your experience

They will no longer affect you and eventually they will diminish naturally so let’s begin doing nothing right now let go of effort and be okay with whatever may rise don’t try to understand it don’t try to change anything just be notice that you are the awareness of those things you are not them

Foreign take a deep breath and relax you are so powerful no need to focus on anything just be just exist this very moment is enough I promise you You are feeling lighter and lighter you may even be breathing deeper let’s relax even more if it feels like you can’t relax be okay with how you are feeling it’s just a sensation that you are aware of it’s not you everything will come and go they always have Foreign foreign Be the love and peace you seek continue to allow things to come and go but have no desire for them to go away because you are okay with this very moment let go of effort Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Breathe out and relax On every inhale the light shines brighter and brighter and you can feel the unconditional love for this very moment foreign where you are supposed to be Foreign if you are holding on to something just be Foreign Foreign You are doing great continue to be that open and loving spaciousness let’s Breathe Into the Heart now and release that heaviness all you have to do is breathe into it and allow whatever may be present to be with every inhale you are feeling more and more connected to your heart the

Sensation May grow stronger but let it be know that you are the love that you seek and on the exhale you can feel the heart Letting Go little by little Remember don’t try to make the heart let go it will happen naturally Laughs foreign You may let go of the focus of the heart take another deep breath and notice how light you are feeling let’s return back to no effort completely drop everything including your focus just exist just be Foreign Foreign Foreign I will stop guiding you here but that doesn’t mean you have to stop see if you can do this on your own you are so powerful Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign [Laughter] Foreign You may open your eyes practice this meditation daily I would even recommend doing this on your own in silence very very soon you will begin to see changes in your life I thank you for watching

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