Letting Go of Control Is The Cheat Code To LIVING LIFE ( End Unnecessary Suffering )

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Full Transcription:
Life becomes a lot more enjoyable when you realize that thinking about life isn’t doing nothing but stopping you from living we all have been programmed to think that thinking about life is the only way to keep it together when in fact it’s the main reason it appears to fall apart

We can constantly overthink situations that happened and also overthink situations that haven’t happened the ego has this desire to feel safe at all times so it will constantly create a fake scenarios and then try to find a solution for it it it’s one of the most draining and stressful conditions of the ego

We have to stop trying to control something we have no control over we have to realize that the ego constantly wants you to be in your comfort zone it doesn’t like when the body is uncomfortable the moment you experience unpleasant Sensations the ego goes crazy it may start panicking creating fake

Scenarios bringing up old things from the past it can get very disruptive and when your attention so pulled and fixated on these thoughts suffering appears to happen it’s annoying and in the moment it feels like it will never end the key to diminishing these cycles of suffering to diminishing the illusion of

Control to calm the ego down it’s to surrender to yourself to life And this surrender does take a lot of self-trust and Faith this is where faith comes in and religion they put their faith in God well what you truly are is this God so have faith in yourself life always takes care of life always it’s constantly trying to heal and get

Back into alignment with itself that you’re constantly in resistance to it this is why you’re constantly uncomfortable or stuck in flight or fight mode it’s because you won’t allow life to flow you’re not allowing things to happen naturally For example let’s say you’re in a situation right now or you are constantly getting mixed signals one day this person is this way another way this person is that way completely confusing you now you are constantly directing your attention to the thoughts that rise that are trying to figure out this

Person you’re stuck in a cycle of maybe yes or maybe not You will stress yourself out if you are constantly and thought about this situation the ego wants Clarity wants to know if it’s safe or not which in a way isn’t a bad thing but constantly ruminating about it is having this belief that if you can figure it out first everything will be

Okay but why not let go of the outcome and save yourself from the unnecessary Stress and Anxiety why not say life I’m giving this situation to you to take care of I won’t interfere whatever’s meant to be will be this is the natural flow of life it will

Take care of itself surrendering to love and just allowing things to be will have you naturally flowing with life Another tricky thing the ego does that keeps us in believing that you need to control life is the belief that you can solve a situation through thinking about it the thoughts about a situation is simply just the thoughts about it it’s not the situation itself if you suffer from

Anxiety this is very transformational if you can realize this you cannot solve anything if it’s not happening right now yes you can be prepared I’m not saying being prepared is a bad thing but honestly the situations that you prepare for never go the way the ego intended it to go

The mind will create this story and thousands of scenarios and then it will give you a script to follow that’s very unnatural and then when the situation presents itself the script goes out the window it’s like going on a first date if you’re planning what you will say or if

You have expectations of how your partner will react or communicate it will be very very unnatural because you’re following a script and even if you follow the script what happens after the script is over what happens after you said everything you plan to say you usually have no idea

What to say or talk about next connections are not really a mental thing it’s more of a energy an emotional connection when you’re present with someone and they are present with you things flow life flows conversation topic just arrives from this place of presence you’re not

Thinking about what to say next and if you are that is coming from a place of wanting control because now you also have an expectation of how this person should respond maybe but the point is you need to realize that everything will be more than okay if you just let go of control

Stop trying to control people so that they fit into what you see them to be allow them to be themselves and see them for who they are stop trying to figure out if these relationships are meant to be and just allow life to take care of it it will show you

Stop trying to control situations to play out how you want them to life is boring when you know what’s next it’s a lot more enjoyable and full of life when you’re just going with the flow And if you’re wondering well how do I do this release effort release wanting to know the outcome to everything don’t seek validation from others and don’t expect anything from anyone if your attention is constantly focused on thoughts start building trust with the body not with the mind bring your

Attention back into the body and constantly talk to the body affirm that it’s safe affirm that it’s okay to be here in this moment say that ye trust it and fully surrendered to it don’t Judy say it to say it you have to be genuine regardless if the body is correctly in

Uncomfortable State know that whatever its feelings is okay don’t reject these feelings don’t try to force it to feel a certain way if you truly trust it allow it to be allowed to relax and release those energies on its own if you really want results fast don’t go

On social media or watch TV for a couple days this will force you to sit with yourself this will force you to find trust within yourself and you will also realize that you had the answers to all of your questions this whole time you will have multiple energy shifts

When you choose to go a couple days without TV or a phone so I challenge you all to do the same you’ll see results after the first day I promise The moment you stop trying to control life you will finally realize it

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