Letting Go of ALL Attachments Is Very Simple ( A Conversation With God )

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Full Transcription:
Inspired by conversations with God by Neil Walsh why am I so attached to things in my life it’s like I can’t let go of anything once my emotions get involved in it and I know that it’s hurting me but I still continue how do I stop

Well it may be nice to recognize why you are a tat ask yourself why are you attached what is it that you think you will lose if you let this go attachment is fueled by fear when you are attached you may act out of character just so that you make sure you

Don’t lose it but you see that is out of your control your expectations of external things are out of your control and the Very Act of trying to hold on to something does nothing but cause unnecessary suffering yes I know it’s causing me suffering well why do you continue to choose it if

You have an understanding of how it doesn’t benefit you why do you continue to choose what you don’t want I’m not sure that is a good question well ask yourself why your answer will most likely Come From Fear once again okay maybe I’m afraid that things will go wrong and I’ll lose it

And who says that’s a bad thing in the eyes of me how is this a bad thing what does going wrong mean from my perspective through me there is no good and bad everything just is you see I will continue to allow you to be attached there is nothing actually

Wrong with it but you can determine for yourself if that’s a good choice for you and the life you choose to experience the so-called problem is you believe you need whatever you are attached to meaning in a way you feel incomplete without it but you are complete with or

Without it you can lose everything and you will still be whole nothing can be added or taken away from your wholeness because you already are and have always been you just forgot because you are me and I am everything I am the only thing truly here

And you can be attached to anything a thought a story a past a person regardless of what it is no attachment will truly benefit you but if you choose to be attached I don’t mind it’s your choice and I will always be here for you

What do you mean you don’t mind do you not care about my actions well have I ever stop you from choosing the wrong thing have I ever stopped you from suffering no I have sent you signs to lead you to what you truly want but I

Don’t mind if you choose to ignore those signs regardless of your choices I don’t judge nor do I love you less it’s literally not possible for me to judge you my love is unconditional I don’t get it I thought God was this loving person who is only good why do

You even allow me to suffer why not just take it all away your perception an idea of God is not God I am literally everything I am the so-called good and bad people ask all the time why would God allow this But you created it everyone is so caught up in what they created without realizing you are the powerful Creator who created it you are creating your own suffering don’t blame me I’ve been trying to get your attention to bring you out of it to show you its

Own lie anyways I’ve been trying to get you to realize that I am you you are me and that’s not to create a duality there is no separation between us we are one and I am already not attached I can’t be it’s not possible thoughts cannot touch me emotions cannot

Touch me I am already free from suffering but for your own reasons you don’t believe I am who I say I am and I actually don’t want you to believe me I can show you and I’m always here to show you Regardless of how many times you turn away from me I will always be here for you to choose me for you to choose yourself because you are God but how is that possible how am I God how am I already not suffering and why does it feel so real all the time it’s

Not that I don’t want to come to this self-realization it’s just that it appears to be difficult well I’ll answer each question one by one so how are you me well actually I am you I created you I created what you all call ego also I know I speak about dissolving the ego

But the ego isn’t a bad thing so don’t reject it I simply want you to see it for what it is so you can realize it’s not what you truly are and naturally it will dissolve and you will realize you are me the ego has been conditioned and programmed to create personal realities

Which reflects your character’s personality who you are being creates your reality but the character you believe yourself to be isn’t actually what you truly are it’s not real it’s simply just a thought a collection of thoughts the past is just a story the future is just a prediction the name is just a

Label none of these ideas Define what you truly are see them for what they are the body is already dead I am that which makes it appear alive I am that life energy to make this a little more clear I am awareness awareness isn’t personal it’s not yours

Because it’s aware of the person this awareness that I am is aware of billions of different egos the awareness that is aware of your character is the same awareness that’s across the country aware of another character this is what makes us all one we all share the same awareness

So we are all dot one but what about souls and things like that do we all share the same soul why would that matter we may have individual Souls I can agree with that but we are not the soul that’s just a different form that God takes that you take

Like the body there are of course individual bodies but the body is just another form that God takes so when you realize this is what you truly are then you can begin investigating your nature you asked how are you already not suffering well can awareness suffer or is it just

Aware of the suffering and when you realize you are the awareness then who is suffering I then you asked well why does it feel real well I am having a human experience the fact that a thought and feeling can make things appear real is amazing there isn’t actually anything

Wrong with emotions though if they weren’t supposed to be here they wouldn’t through me I love them but through the character because it has this perception of good and bad you reject them choose to see them from what you truly are bring them into being choose me

Allow me to show you nothing is truly wrong I don’t judge and I accept everything if I didn’t accept it it wouldn’t be here and my last question why is it so hard to realize what I truly am well I won’t say it’s easy because if it

Was everyone would realize it but it is simple I am already here I have always been here most search for me in the future but I am here most weighed on me but I am already here I can only be here so seek for what you truly are as me

Here I am everything everywhere and nowhere the same time don’t search for me through feeling good I am those uncomfortable feelings also I am the suffering I am not a feeling but those feelings are me those feelings are made out of me don’t run to the mind for confirmation

Be here remain present it’s where I am and can only be

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