Letting Go Is The Key To Peace Realize This And Change Your Life

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Full Transcription:
Is it hard for you to be at peace and let go whenever you want to let go of a thought and emotion to life situation is there a resistance to letting it go don’t feel alone with this issue even I have suffered from this we all have certain people emotions and thoughts can

Carry a very strong energy making it difficult to just stop and accept it and let it go but you need to understand how important it is to let go if you were to experience what’s on the other side of Letting Go you would never want to stop feeling that peace

We have this illusion that we are attached to that if we let go of something our life will fall apart the only thing that falls apart will be the ego the very thing that is making you hold on think about it your ego is holding on to

To a false identity made up of ideas and beliefs that aren’t you it is attached to all the things you feel you can’t let go of there’s always an excuse with the ego when it comes to letting go it will bring up fear when you try to

Let go all of these what-if situations what if this happens when I Let Go what if that happens when I Let Go the only thing that happens when you let goes a liberating experience of peace I’ve had my viewers and lovely supporters explained to me their current

Life situations and I will continue to select one of them to create a video surrounding their situations and questions this is why this video’s topic is On Letting Go Rose has been healing and trying to let go of a 28-year marriage some of us suffer and can’t let go of a

One-year relationship so I couldn’t imagine how difficult it may be to let go of this situation but I will do my best to give you advice when it comes to letting go letting go of people can be very difficult there are people we have shared our life with we have created

Memories and built a bond so when those things go away it will feel like a part of you has been taken away when it comes to any in every life situation you have to notice and be honest with yourself when it comes to how you feel if you are attached admit

It the first step to change and the first step to letting go is the awareness of what’s making you hold on when you have a logical understanding of why you think the way you think or feel the way you feel it becomes easier to deal with whatever your current

Experience may be because you understand why it’s happening so if you have been thinking about someone for three months and all of a sudden you want to stop it won’t happen right away understand that you have programmed certain thoughts in your head that hold energy it takes time for those

Thoughts to go away and never come back again so don’t judge yourself don’t even try to make them go away when it comes up just notice it and affirm that it makes sense on why that thought would come up Rose says everything just feels overwhelming and impossible I know the

Key is to surrender yes the key is to surrender but I think you may be looking at surrendering the wrong way you may be going into surrendering with the wrong intentions if you are going into surrendering with the intentions of getting rid of something you are surrendering the wrong

Way because you will have resistance towards whatever you are trying to let go when it’s present within you I’ll trying to surrender when you surrender you are giving up everything you are giving up the need to think about life you are giving up the need to make

Thoughts and emotions go away you are giving up the desire to change your current experience to reach that state of Peace we all search for we have to just give up everything when it comes to practicing surrendering don’t even listen to your thoughts trying to tell

You how to surrender let go of the knowledge let go of who you think you are let go of your past let go of everything and just be if thoughts and feelings rise let them be and you may be asking well how do you do that well it’s not a doing

It’s a state of being try your best to become aware of your awareness self-inquiry will show you who you are behind all experiences and it takes zero effort to see this it takes no effort to return back to our Natural State and let go it only appears to be difficult

Because the ego doesn’t want to let go the ego wants to keep you trapped because it knows once you figure out who you truly are it will no longer have power over you so when you practice surrendering and letting go you have to understand that the ego will throw everything at you it

Will throw thoughts and images and fake scenarios with emotions just so that you can come back to identifying with it but don’t fight it just notice it don’t even focus on it just notice it notice your emotional attachment to this person or situation that doesn’t mean you have to identify yourself with it

And believe in it remember anything you can observe and experience is not you because you are the awareness of it thoughts and feeling any experience cannot and will not last forever make it clear to yourself that everything comes and goes we get caught up in thinking

That we will feel a certain way to the rest of our lives but an hour later or minutes later we are feeling a completely different way it doesn’t have to be a positive feeling but isn’t it true that you aren’t feeling how you were feeling a little better go

If you find yourself struggling to let go and surrender notice how you are aware of that also so the next time you practice letting go you will be okay when you slip up and fall back into whatever you are trying to let go of see if you can take that step back and

Just watch how your thoughts try to figure out how to surrender watch how your emotions react to those thoughts and you begin to realize that thoughts cannot be used to surrender thoughts don’t know how to surrender when we are able to let go and stop thinking about life you will experience

Your true being and true peace trust yourself trust the universe you can overcome any and everything I promise you knowing that to be true will make you so powerful and strong I hope this was able to give any of you some clarity if you would like to be

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