Letting Go is Just The Release of Effort!

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Full Transcription:
Process of Letting Go can be very difficult and confusing for a lot of people when we want to let go of people thoughts beliefs pretty much any life situation that is draining our energy we search and search for ways to let go but nothing seems to actually work we

May think we have let go of something and then all of a sudden and it comes back up again we suffer it’s a continuous cycle well maybe that’s because you have been letting go the wrong way but I’m here to explain to you how simple this actually is

The first thing you must understand is that letting go is not an activity it’s not a doing all letting go really is is the release of effort you should be trying to let go there is no trying involved you just let go of everything you see when you are

Trying to let go there will be resistance and so much discomfort that’s why it isn’t working for you and you beat yourself up for not knowing if you’re doing it right you have to stop trying to do something stop trying to fix your thoughts and emotions you will stay in conflict with

Your ego doing so you might ask well what do I do then you do nothing just allow those thoughts and emotions to come and go no matter what comes up you have to find the courage and trust to just sit with it without trying to change it without trying to

Figure something out without judging it just let it be thoughts and emotions come and go nothing is permanent the knowing that they will pass should allow you to sit with them but have no desire for them to go away you just become comfortable in accepting of discomfort and thoughts and it’s very possible

Because you aren’t those thoughts and Sensations anyways you are the one who is aware of them and you don’t need to figure out what that means or go looking for the one who’s aware because it’s who you already are when you are able to stay present with whatever comes up eventually those

Things will naturally go away understand that emotions don’t want to stay in the body for long that energy comes in and is supposed to flow out but the resistance of it is what keeps it stuck instead of resisting to come that love you seek for and show it compassion show

It that you’re safe and let it stay as long as it needs to don’t judge it don’t cling on to it just notice it and just be the more and more you do this the lighter and lighter you will begin to feel even after one practice of this you

Will feel a difference in your state of being that constant worrying will begin to diminish and your days will begin to be filled with more peace and less stress you will also be a lot more fulfilled in the present moment so remember to let go is to let go of

Effort to let go of trying and to just allow things to flow in and out as you take the seat of the awareness that you are if you would like to let go right now I have a couple Letting Go guided meditations on my channel that will

Assist you thank you so much for watching

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