Remember that day way back when? The day that you got your Driver’s License and you couldn’t wait to take your folks car out for a ride … all by yourself? There was excitement, anxiety, independence, power, fear, wonder, and countless other emotions all rolled up into that big event. You got the lecture. You took Driver’s Ed. You watched Signal 40 or some other horrid video or film about the dangers of driving and the devastation of accidents. You went through it all and now here you were. Sitting in the drivers seat. Inserting the key into the ignition. You felt like an Astronaut and your mission was the moon. You, became the Driver. You were in-charge. You … had grown up.

The fun was mixed with burden. The action was mixed with worry. What if I screw up? What if I wreck my parents car? What if I hurt someone? It was all going through your head while the windows were rolled down, the radio was on, and the seats belts were rarely used, if at all. There were metal dashboards and pointed steering wheels. There were protruding metal objects on the tip of the hood. No airbags, and in some cases, no power steering or power brakes. Yet, you knew the power of smashing that accelerator, kicking in that 4 barrel carb, hitting “passing gear” and getting the thrill of your Life. You had power, control, and … you had awesome responsibility to consider. What your decision process was, could end up in tranquility, or tragedy. It was your decision … and you would rely on what you knew was right.

Now, imagine being the Creative Principle behind the universe. And imagine having given mankind the key to the universe. There were instructions, given through experiences and interactive sages. Wise men of old who handed down the principles and ancient secrets as to how you could drive or Pilot this universe for the benefit of everyone, and without causing any accidents or harm to anyone. Yet, much of the world climbs into their conscious universe without any training, no studies, no Social Ed, and runs the pedal to the metal without so much as a thought about the consequences that may arise from being irresponsible.

I remember my friend Steve. When he would find himself in trouble, we would hear his Mother say “awe, Stephen Paul, wait ’til your Father comes home.” In other words, there would be a price to pay for what she deemed as irresponsible behaviour. It was more than likely stemming from something that was avoidable, had it been thought out … response rather than reaction … but rarely do we take the time to think things through. Just like that yellow light we just blew through … we run yellow lights and even red lights right here in our own universe. Spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

The Creative Process, or God, or Absolute, or Source Energy, has given us the key to the vehicle that was designed to provide safety and security to all the passengers of planet earth. And we’re speeding through space at over 250,000 mph. I would suggest that all of us take a bit more responsible for this ride we’re on, and this ride we’re in. All of us have rubbernecked past that horrible highway accident a time or two, wondering if anyone survived. Well, let’s rubberneck our way around this planet and be sure that all can survive. To stop the accidents, and the intentional neglect, wars, famine, disease, hunger, abuse, and all the negative emotions that come as karma to us all. I say we trade in Christine, for the Batmobile. Use the keys of love and peace, rather than mayhem and destruction. We’ve been given the keys to this planet, and we need to drive it responsibly.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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