Just Go THROUGH IT! ( The Importance Of Emotional Work )

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Full Transcription:
In the beginning of my journey I was convinced that if I meditate all day every day eventually I will come to this self-realization what I truly am But as time went on and months went by not only did I not come to this realization my mind was seeking for but

I also felt pretty much the same as I did months ago the body still was constantly uncomfortable the mind was constantly still active fear anxiety everything was still appearing to be here it wasn’t until I began doing emotional work that’s when everything began to shift for me

That’s when I realized oh wow there is nothing the mind can learn or conceptualize that will awaken me it’s an energetic shift this whole process and every realization will be experienced not thought about as uncomfortable as my body was day by day I Found the courage in me to just

Trust whatever was on the other side and it’s funny because you’ll realize self-realization isn’t something you have to wait for it’s here in this very moment we are all experiencing it right now it’s just that you’re not aware of it you most likely have a lot of emotions suppressed there are things you

Consciously or unconsciously avoid feeling and a scary and uncomfortable it can be and I know how it feels you have to just go through it and what I mean is if a story of fear Rises and then an uncomfortable emotion follows after find it within yourself to

Just accept this moment and feel into that emotion if the story wants to play out while the emotions in there that’s okay you don’t need to try to change those thoughts just stay with the emotions it may take five minutes it may take 10 or 20. don’t worry about how long it

Will take and when it will go away if you just stay with it it will release and when it does you will experience this amazing release and maybe even get a glimpse into that what you seek for you genuinely have to be okay with whatever story is playing out in your head

You have to find this self-trust within yourself that you realize even if this happened I will be okay and I promise you that you will and 99 of time that situation that is playing in your head is a lie and will never happen You have to fully accept that one percent though and be okay knowing it’s a possibility meditation is nice and I do recommend it but emotion work and mental inquiry these are what will cause those shifts to happen for you in my experience most of my realizations came from me just completely

Surrendering and allowing whatever to be in this moment nothing’s actually ever wrong everything is perfect all the time it’s just when the Mind throws filters and labels and ideas on things that’s when it appears like this moment isn’t enough that’s when you grab your phone to distract yourself because you’re uncomfortable If you are serious about Awakening you’ll eventually just have to give up everything you have to be willing to lose everything and know that you will still be okay there’s a lot of fears and the assumptions that rye is doing this journey such as what if I awaken and my

Life is terrible or what if people think I’m weird what if I’m alone or sometimes the Mind goes to the extreme and says what if I die you have to be okay with it all and I’m here to tell you that all that is a lie it’s just ego playing defense Most enlightened or whatever you would like to label these beings you won’t even realize them in public I don’t walk around telling everyone we are one I function normal whatever that means you can still live out your desires I believe there are many awakened celebrities and millionaires or whatever

You desire to be in life life itself doesn’t change when you awaken but the way you experience it 100 percent does and it’s worth it if you are already on this journey you’re stuck there’s no way you can go back knowing what you know so just go all the way Trust it it’s okay it’s always been okay feel what you are afraid to feel you’ll genuinely be surprised at how powerful you really are when you just accept things as they are the first time I realized the power of acceptance was actually a moment when I was smoking weed

I was in my parents house in my room smoking and I was paranoid because I didn’t want them finding out I probably was suffering from these thoughts that were Rising for about 10 minutes straight but then I just said if this happens so what and I froze for like five minutes

And then I experienced something very Blissful it was the realization of first that story is alive because it’s not actually happening and then this confidence and Trust rise and I just felt as if I could handle anything and that’s because I can and so can you now I’m not trying to promote smoking

Weed but it does tend to intensify thoughts and emotions so if you want to use it to go through those fears and emotions go for it but you don’t need it you’re probably constantly feeling uncomfortable all day every day fewer suffering unfortunately so those emotions you have to go through

Are there for you just set some time to be with yourself no phone no TV just be with the body and mind and be willing to go through the most terrifying emotional experience if needed if you’re having thoughts about what if I lose all my friends and family

Just to accept that it’s a possibility no need to believe it what if nobody likes me so what what if I make people uncomfortable so what what if I get rejected so what feel through those feelings and trust yourself trust life because it will always take care of itself Foreign

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