It’s Ok To Let Go Now ( End Fear, Anxiety, Procrastination, Seeking )

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Full Transcription:
A lot of our suffering comes from holding on to things that we know don’t benefit us these things can be relationships limiting beliefs and our false identifications it’s the fear of them gone that keeps us so attached to them there is this belief that if I let this thing go everything

Will go wrong if I stop thinking about life my life will fall apart if I let this person go I will suffering and be lonely if I let go of people pleasing nobody will like me if I let go of who I think I am my suffering life will change

The truth is you will never know but your assumptions are so strongly believe that you can’t even see the other what ifs what if everything goes right what if I let go of this person and I find myself again what if I let go of this belief and realize the truth what

If on the other side of my fear is The Liberation I desire well you have been holding on to things and see how that’s working out for you it’s time to take the leap life will always take care of life we only fear certain situations because

We don’t want to feel a certain way we don’t actually care about what happened we are fearing a certain sensation in the body please realize this you don’t want to get rejected because you don’t endure that heaviness in the chest and the thoughts that arises along with that feeling

You don’t want to let go and surrender to your true being because you don’t like the feeling of not being in control of something that uncomfortable feeling of not knowing doesn’t sit well with you the only thing that changes is your emotions and thoughts to things that you are not

Because what you truly are can never change It’s actually very simple to let go letting go is simply letting go of effort it’s not a doing you can’t let go of effort as if it was an activity because that means you are trying and not trying as being just be just allow and notice that you are here notice that

Thoughts are within you notice that the body is within you notice that the world is within you now I want to go deeper into this topic to touch on the truth of it all now for the remainder of this video I don’t want you to believe anything I say I want you

To realize it to be true for yourself don’t really focus on understanding what I’m pointing to mentally I don’t want to clutter the mind even more just listen no need to think about what I am saying what you truly are will hear this what you truly are will know that I am

Speaking about its nature so let’s dig deep the fear of letting go is an illusion just listen fear itself is an illusion it doesn’t exist danger exists but fear doesn’t and it’s the false self that appears to be real that one that believes it’s in danger during moments where danger isn’t even present

But the one who fears doesn’t actually exist the one who is afraid to let go isn’t even here to hold on to anything because who you think yourself to be is simply a creation of the mind it’s a thought you don’t have anxiety because there is no person to claim having it

You are not afraid to let go because there is no one here to hold on to anything it can just appear that way and I know how real it feels on a personal level it’s real But please understand that the person isn’t actually real it’s just a whole bunch of thoughts

The belief system is made up of thoughts and one of those beliefs may be I and Jordan and I am the body and mind I have anxiety and I’m afraid of Letting Go all of that can be changed so how can that be you how is it possible for actors to play

Different characters to go and for work to play a completely different character and when the director says it’s a wrap they go right back into playing another character the character they have been blindly playing for years even if you don’t believe what I am saying that’s also a belief that the

Character appears to have do you see what I am pointing to the truth of what you truly are has nothing to do with my beliefs it’s beyond the mind and its games it’s beyond believing in something most beliefs are created through fear anyways the false self may appear to believe

That they can’t be more than what they think they are because it’s afraid of losing its identity and the illusionary feeling of control over life the illusion of fear is very powerful but there isn’t actually anyone here to be afraid once you realize this you will laugh every time

Now how does knowing this help with letting go well let’s say you are trying to let go of something the moment you realize that the one who appears to be holding on doesn’t actually exist it just Falls away naturally it may still be uncomfortable but it’s not you who’s feeling them Comfort it’s

The body that feels and it’s you that’s aware of it fear keeps us away from feeling our feelings because we appear to be afraid of feeling them this is why you distract yourself when you begin sensing those energies in the body You are that which is aware notice how effortlessly you are aware right now Sensations are felt without you trying this experience is experienced without the need of any trying the body is within what you are the body is a object in your awareness so do not

Identify with it the mind is within your awareness to not identify with it the one who claims to be the Watcher of this video is just a thought to not identify with it the one who claims they are afraid to let go is just another thought what you are doesn’t need anything

Because you are everything the one who claims to need something is just another thought what you truly are is already here there is no need to search for it you cannot find it because it’s not an object you cannot feel for it because what you are is not a feeling it’s that

Which is aware of feelings you are here already it’s not supposed to feel a certain way can awareness never not be here even if you are experiencing sadness is there not an awareness of it if you are experiencing fear is there not an awareness of it you are always here

And you cannot be disturbed by anything if you could there would be an awareness of awareness being disturbed but see how that’s not possible you don’t need 20 years to find what’s already here there is no place to go that’s just the mind trying to understand it but you are above the mind

The mind doesn’t know what you are this is why trying to awaken mentality will have you seeking for years because it’s not the character who awakens who itself its Consciousness that will realize its Consciousness because that’s all that’s really here stop believing it’s hard to let go of

Things that’s just another belief it’s not the truth it’s simply what the character appears to believe you are powerful you got this

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