It’s Ok To Let Go. Its Safe To Surrender COMPLETELY

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Full Transcription:
It really is okay all of the fear you have it isn’t real the fear you have of losing control it’s not real nor does it benefit you in any way believing there is this separate person and control anyways is an illusion it’s okay to let go of the conceptual world you thought

Was real it is okay to let go and surrender to being to Presence at some point a decision is made to just allow presence to prove itself that it’s the only thing that’s actually real allow presence to show you that this is the only moment and nothing exists outside of it Past it’s clearly just an imagination it’s not real in the way the Mind makes it appear same with the future realize that it’s all made up regardless of how real it feels just acknowledge that is actually not happening allow presence to overtake everything you think you know allow to swallow to whole

Sink into it now the present moment isn’t something you can grasp the Mind cannot imagine it it cannot think about it it also cannot create it because it’s already here the present moment is this Everlasting flow it’s not necessarily one moment because it’s never had a beginning nor

Has it ever had an end the more and more you allow presence to be the more you’ll start to realize that this presence is actually what you are and this can only be realized through a direct experience confirming you are presence in the mind doesn’t do anything

But confuse you really this presence was here before these vessels were born and it will be Hereafter and don’t believe me realize that for yourself there is no need for beliefs when you seek truth ask yourself who was I before I was born and see if you can find it here don’t

Answer this mentally look for what’s always been here Ask yourself what has always been here and never change look for it here in this moment not in the future because it’s here and it’s always been here This is also what religion May refer to as God God presence Consciousness all of those are simply labels to this spaciousness that many are pointing to which is also what we all truly are as one when people say trust in God or give all your problems away to God they may not

Really know what they are saying or talking about but those statements are truly pointing to trusting in what we all are as one as this presence in presence suffering cannot exist and presence worry doesn’t exist in presence anxiety doesn’t exist well it may be appearing to happen within presence but there’s no longer

This identification with it there’s no longer a belief that this suffering is mine or this anxiety is mine identity with anything can completely fold away it’s just what’s happening within you within presence when your identity shifts from being this separate person experiencing life to life itself the personal things fall away because

You realize you were never this individual person you were always everything which can also be seen as nothingness because what we are isn’t an object you can’t find it or see it but it’s here just like the space in your room you are the foundation of everything and

Things can only appear to happening within you not to you nothing can truly happen to you how can you harm presence how can presence suffer or be a victim to life how could presence have anxiety or depression how can presence be in fear all of these things appear to

Happen within it not to it so it’s safe to let go it’s safe to trust and now the Mind May disagree but even the Mind disagreeing is happening now the mind will find multiple ways to keep your attention away from now it may bring up future scenarios which are made

Up what may be trying to figure out what big decision you need to make unfortunately has been conditioned to keep you away from your power because here’s where all of it is where else could it be trust now and the Bible faith and trust is talked about a lot and regardless few are

Religious or not every religion is talking about the same thing in their own way they are all pointing to this unexplainable thing even though it’s not a thing called God there is only one and it’s what we all are every religion is talking about you and

When I say you I’m not talking about who you think you are and not talking about the egos created character that you have identified with to be who you are and talking about your nature what you truly are you are Beyond personality beyond the story of your life beyond appearances

And the body mind Proverbs 3 to 5 to 6 it reads trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding and all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths when you realize the Bible is full of metaphors and pointers to point you to

Self-realization it becomes a very powerful book it’s talking about trusting what you truly are to not lean on your own understanding meaning don’t run to knowledge or the mind when it comes to this the Mind cannot comprehend presence the Mind cannot know what you are you can think about presence all you

Want but thinking about it isn’t it it’s just thoughts about it it can only be experienced but even saying it can be experience isn’t the right way to say it because experiences come and go what I am pointing to doesn’t come and go it’s always been here and it will

Never not be here for a second see if you can escape this moment it’s not possible even when you are confused you are confused right now even when the mind is thinking about the past and future it’s thinking about it right now begin to see what’s real and what’s mine

Begin to see the conceptual world and the real world when you begin to accept that the only thing real is presence nothing actually changes life won’t change because it’s never changed but the way you experience it will choose truth make the decision to live in truth instead of through the lies and

Illusions of the Mind because this is where genuine peace sits

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