Is Life Really Just A Game? | A Life Changing Perspective

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Full Transcription:
We have all heard the saying life is just a game but most of us ignore that and think it’s just something people say but what if that wasn’t a lie what if that wasn’t a metaphor and it was a fact what if this whole time we have been

Playing this game and just forgot that we were in one let me explain to you how life is literally a game and if you can keep this perspective on life your life will be so much more fun and enjoyable so for the sake of this video just

Assume what I am telling you is the truth that your beliefs to the side and open your mind so let’s say before we were all born we were already alive alive somewhere else as Souls let’s call this place where Souls live the character selection menu just so that you understand what I’m

Trying to say so while we are souls we are looking at our options for characters we are able to see what role we will play We are looking at the skills each character will have we see the challenges and missions that we will have to overcome

We already know how life will play out even before we select who we want to be now the character selection stage is important to cause for us to level up as Souls we have to learn lessons that’s how we level up and evolve as Souls so

We pick and choose what lessons we want to learn during our character’s lifetime so you have selected to play you whoever you are watching this video you decided that you were going to be you in this lifetime for the game of life but to think about this game is that we

Completely forget about what and who we really are because we chose to have a human experience a lot of think we are humans but we are the ones controlling them who we truly are as the one holding the controller this game is very very realistic you can feel you can see you

Can touch it’s like a very very Advanced VR game for example if you are in a VR game and you take your character over to a mirror you can only see your character you cannot see the one who has the headset on well it’s the same exact way

In reality if you go walk to a mirror right right now in your bathroom you cannot see who you truly are but you can sense it the same way you can sense it when you’re playing VR so we come to Earth to experience the Game of Life to learn lessons so that we

Can level up as Souls we may have played this game multiple times just so that we can level up ninety percent of the world gets so attached to this game that we miss those opportunities to learn so we have to keep coming back to Earth lifetime after lifetime

Yes we are supposed to forget that we are in a game but not for our whole lifetime there comes a time where you awaken this is how you can beat the game of life once you realize that this is all just a game Everything Changes you start to

Look at your life challenges as just missions that you have to beat and you will start to enjoy the journey and the pain just as if you were playing a game you don’t start the game with everything you need to win you don’t start the game knowing everything you need to know

There is a journey to the end you have to face boss battles and overcome getting lost sometimes in the game you might have to go on YouTube to find out where to go next because you’re stuck or you just want more guidance so that the game can be easier

Well we do the same exact thing in the game of life this is all just a game and you have to start seeing that it will make life so much more enjoyable so much more fun look at your hands and your body and just observe how you are

Controlling a human body right now you’re not the body but it is yours this is your character for this lifetime and at any point you can change this character to be exactly what you want it to be you don’t have to be who you are today tomorrow the only thing that holds you

Back are the beliefs that you gave your character sit and meditate that’s where you can begin changing your character’s mind meditation and any other self-changing habits as you’re upgrading and changing station this is where you get the chance to change your character into anything and I mean anything

You can be and do whatever you dream of this is your game you are the only thinker in your reality you are the creator of your reality yes there are others in this game but they are all playing their own game what they are doing has nothing to do with you

It’s like we are all having our own individual games inside of one big Collective game and each of us can create and play it however we want to you are in control do you understand that you are in control of you and you only if you can change what’s going on

In the inside of your character your outside game will change that’s just how the game was created the laws of the universe are the laws of the game they are always working they aren’t working for you or against you they are just working but as a character and the

Creator you have the ability to manipulate and use those laws to work for you they are the tools we use to create worlds understand the power that you have we are at just some regular pieces of meat walking around we are playing this life of game as gods you

Are a God you are a piece of what created everything in existence and you are here on Earth to play around with your energy and power to create you are here to create whatever you would like this game was created for you it was specifically designed for you isn’t that

Just so amazing to hear so please from here on out change your perspective on what life is look at your challenges in life in a different way start appreciating the small things in life don’t take everything so serious and create do whatever you want to do and if

People around you don’t believe in you see that is just another mission have to beat don’t believe them those NPCs around you so that you learn how to Value yourself so you learn how to believe in yourself be grateful for negative people around you use them to

Learn and grow that’s all use negativity to learn and grow once you overcome them the universe will take them out of your life they are no longer needed for the next level in your life thank you for listening I hope this helped you view life in a different way

Enjoy the rest of your game

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