Genesis tells us on the 7th day, God rested. So, … “I’m done” says God? It’s over. everybody out of the pool, put up the yellow tape … store’s closed. Well judging by human history, church history, government affairs, and the general condition of world events, apparently God never never showed back up at the factory on Monday. Was it “rested,” or “retired?” Sure seems a lot like the latter doesn’t it my friends? Now be honest. Don’t tell me you’ve never asked something like “if there is a God, then where is He?”

Before you can determine what God has or has not been doing for the last 4.5 billion years of the existence of planet Earth, we we have to determine just exactly who or what “God” is to so many people. What is God to you? Do you imagine him to be as Zeus was, long white hair and beard sitting on a throne ruling from the monarchy of a heavenly realm, a He, She, or It; or is God simply each breath that you take in and out, and the sheer existence and sustainer of Life itself. Is God the label we have given to the Source of energy that launched the eternal universe into motion with such a precisely engineered formula that it is regenerative and cyclical guided by universal Laws and ever-expansive design?

Maybe this God looked at the whole thing as a parent assisting kids with their homework. “ok, I’ll get it started for you, but you have to finish it.” Maybe the entire universe IS what we call God, and we have personified into deity so many of these wonders that we have seen we simply make them or it, Deity … simply because we didn’t have a better answer or explanation at such an early point of human civilization.

Maybe WE are God? Maybe this giant rock that we live in (that’s right in, not on) is one giant living Mind/organism that we have labelled the universe, and the entirety of all things are God. After all, children are dying of cancer, wars are prevalent everywhere, there is illness and disease, hunger, starvation, depression, abuse, hatred, natural disasters, and a host of other negative conditions that are far from what was supposed to be “live and live abundant.”

Sure, we can blame “Satan/Devil” on these negative ills, but then we have to define who or what Satan actually is. The word simply means “the opposer.” So, perhaps, if, as it states in the Bible “no one has seen the face of God,” and there is noway possible than I could ever see MY face (unless through a reflection) that perhaps it is I, that am God. Not singularly, but collectively. Perhaps we are ALL God and we are ALL Satan, and we use our free will and creative powers to build a world of goodness, or not-so-goodness. It was Paul who said “we are the body of Christ.” And if the Christ (consciousness of God) is the earthly representation of all the goodness (God-ness) that is God, when we go against the default of goodness, it is US who are “the opposer.” Perhaps, it is DIVINE-vs-EGO in an ongoing spiritual evolution and involution of universal development?

Whatever it is you think God is, one thing in very clear. Mankind is the reasoning, thinking, planning, and execution creature that brings about causation in this world, along with the natural order of events already set in motion. In many ways, WE are the God of this world. Go(o)d and un-go(o)d. We have the ability to bring about change and keep things evolving to a better future. WE can stop the wars. WE can feed the children. WE can cure disease. We can shelter the homeless. We can do ALL of these things with the assistance and Life-force that we call God providing each and every breath we take, and the interconnection of our consciousness through the Matrix of this single organism we call the universe. WE are the chosen ones to bring about the Kingdom (love, peace, and joy) upon the lower worlds … Earth. So, Let’s do this.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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