In 5 Minutes Relief Your Anxiety Meditation | Guided Meditation |

Videos by @YourHigherSelf_ – These vids have been fresh water to my thirst. Listen and enjoy.

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Full Transcription:
Welcome to this five-minute Anxiety Relief meditation please get comfortable and close your eyes let’s settle down now and notice that you are breathing breathe in that life energy and breathe out the things you don’t need you are doing great no matter what thoughts arise let them be the only reason you suffer from

Thoughts is because you react to them let’s not give a for a couple minutes you’ll thank me later really feel your body now don’t think about how it feels just feel your body feel there coming in and out you are doing great Your anxiety is lying to you admit that you are addicted to these illusions that your mind keeps replaying it’s okay you are still learning but really those things in your mind are not happening right now so let yourself not worry and be here with me

Continue to feel your body I am going to let you experience peace for a couple minutes I’ll be back to tell you how powerful you truly are Foreign yourself to feel good you honestly deserve it Yes exactly like that wow you are powerful Foreign you are feeling lighter and lighter I am full of light I allow myself to feel good however I’m feeling I know it’s okay because everything will work out for me I love myself look at me I took time out of my day to feel better Smile a little bit and feel your energy change Foreign Wow you really did an amazing job continue your day or night today with that knowing that everything is okay

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