If You’re Suffering… CONGRATULATIONS!

Videos by @YourHigherSelf_ – These vids have been fresh water to my thirst. Listen and enjoy.

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Full Transcription:
To leave it or not if you are suffering right now on this journey congratulations you may not see it or understand this yet that you are going through hell right now and it’s the best thing that could ever happen for you the depression the anxiety the fear the

Overthinking all of this is present within your current experience right now all for your benefit If you are currently on a spiritual path this video will be very significant for you the clarity for why you’re going through these things can be answered here in this video We can all agree that this path is by far one of the most painful things someone can experience it’s literally the death of everything you are directed and guided to go within meaning you’ll have to deal with childhood traumas guilt shame Etc it’s a very painful process for the body

But what if I told you that you put yourself through hell on purpose that you put yourself in the position to have a very difficult and uncomfortable life and you did it all just to make sure that you come back home but what you truly are

It’s beautiful if you look at it that way well let me explain how and why this is possible spiritual path to self-realization is the reason for all of this once you reach Enlightenment or even Just Awaken to your true nature you may come to the realization that you did

This to yourself and when I say you I’m not referring to the character you believe yourself to be I’m not talking about the body and mind I’m talking about you as God as Consciousness as the universe has what you truly are you see it’s actually pretty trippy when you see what’s going on

You as Consciousness is trying to get Consciousness to realize itself as consciousness That’s all that’s really happening along the spiritual journey Consciousness is everything meaning you are everything and everyone since the beginning of your Human Experience you have set yourself up to make sure you realize yourself eventually and because the ego has been programmed and conditioned there were a lot of

Tragic events and painful things you made yourself experience so that you basically will have no other choice but to go Within when you really sit back and reflect on your so-called life you’ll realize how everything has lead you to this everything has literally LED you to this

Very moment listening to this very video every valuable lesson to you have learned has usually came from being down at those lower vibrations we have to experience those painful times because there are lessons down there that we need to evolve in Consciousness and you as Consciousness knows that so you purposely created

Those experiences to learn those lessons and see how if you don’t learn what you were supposed to learn during that time something similar will happen again for you for example we can use relationships so as Consciousness you came to yourself in another vessel you created the experience of being in a relationship

And throughout this relationship you experience many issues lies cheating manipulation etc etc eventually gets to the point to where this experience with the other vessel tens you know our alone and in pain and instead of going within to heal you try to party and drink and distract yourself from feelings uncomfortable

You don’t learn the lessons you were supposed to learn because you may have played victim and through all the blame on the other person so because you didn’t decide to grow from that relationship the same soul will come to you in a different vessel and you will have to experience the same

Situation it happens all the time you don’t change so you attract the same energy but isn’t it beautiful how you as Consciousness refuse to give up you give yourself chance after chance after chance while you’re complaining about why you still have anxiety and fear and things

Like that and why you keep dating the same kind of people you are constantly creating experiences for yourself to see through the Illusions to grow to evolve to get closer to enlightenment and unfortunately some egos are so strong that some may never come to the realization what they truly are and

That’s okay but it’s very important to realize that what we all truly seek in life is already here the pain you are experiencing that way out of it is already here if you are constantly seeking what you are looking for is already here don’t look for it

Because you are already looking from it you are the universe and that’s not a personal thing I’m not saying Jordan is the universe Jordan isn’t aware Jordan isn’t Consciousness because Jordan you don’t exist what you truly are as something unexplainable you are formless you cannot be located

You have no wants and needs you don’t come and go like thoughts and feelings you have always been here you have never changed you are Limitless the Mind cannot imagine you or create you because you are already here you are love itself you are the source of existence the source that animates

These vessels the awareness that’s just aware and cannot be affected by anything and you have been trying to get yourself to realize yourself isn’t that hilarious God is trying to show God that it’s God So this is why I say congratulations because this is truly something special to be able to experience I know how painful this is but it’s worth it it really is just change your perspective on what’s happening because it’s not happening to you even though it may appear that way from the ego’s

Perspective if you take the seat of what you truly are you will realize that it’s all happening for you it genuinely is look for the lessons I may every situation you label negative ask yourself questions question everything please suffering is truly a blessing in disguise people only realize this once

They are on the other side of it but realize it while you’re currently experiencing it it will make the process a lot more rewarding definitely on this path to self-realization once you realize this everything will be clearly seen as synchronicities certain situations will appear and you will automatically see

The lesson you need to learn angel numbers will appear more often and everything just begins to just fall in alignment naturally because you’ll see that life takes care of life you are always taking care of you

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