I Know It’s Uncomfortable But It’s Just Energy

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Full Transcription:
Have you noticed that it’s the mind which makes these Sensations and the body appear to be something bad It’s like the moment an uncomfortable sensation arises in the body the Mind automatically attaches something negative to it that’s the only reason why so many of us run away from these Sensations but running from them does nothing but to keep them around longer than needed there has never been anything wrong with

Any emotion anger fear sadness shame even boredom nothing is wrong with them and I know how uncomfortable the pain can be but it’s truly only uncomfortable and appears to be an issue because you haven’t actually felt it before if you sit with watts in the body it can

Actually become enjoyable to feel at some point I want you to practice this if there is currently a sensation in the body as I speak I want you to notice it now first realize what it is without the mind’s labels so no need to call it fear

Or anxiety no need to label it bad or good or uncomfortable realize that you don’t actually know what it is and there’s no need for mental understanding of it you’ve just been labeling it for so long that you convinced yourself that you know what it is but labels are simply

Labels drop it all Don’t identify with it or claim it to be yours just notice it as it is act as if you have no idea what it is because we truly don’t know what it is Yeah we can call it energy but what is energy yes we can call it anxiety but that’s just a label become ignorant and remain curious of it Don’t wish for it to go away don’t wish for it to change just be You may be surprised at how much space you can actually hold for this it’s never been as bad as the mind has made it seem and if thought and stories are rising allow them to do that they may be there for a couple seconds but if you can keep

Your awareness here and not pay attention to those thoughts they will fall away and you can break into this sense of presence with what is and it’s very freeing there is this uncomfortable barrier right before presence arises just go through that and keep your attention here I want you to also notice that it’s not the whole body that is in pain it’s only a certain area okay maybe the chest is feeling very tense and heavy but what about the legs and hands what about the thighs and arms are those also in pain or are they just

Neutral this realization can drop a lot of the resistance you have in that one area that is feeling the most pain When it comes to emotional work it’s by far the most important part of self-realization in my opinion simply because when you go through these emotions instead of trying to avoid them so much old energy Falls away allowing new energy to rise and major shifts to occur and that’s what Awakening comes down to

Shifts and releasing everything that’s not needed I should also make it clear once again that you are not the body and this isn’t your pain now the Mind may come in and try to argue with that statement what do you mean it’s not my pain blah blah blah

When we identify and claim pain we are in a way holding on to it you have to eventually realize that you are not the body and the most effective way I’ve found to realize this is to scan the body and really look at those Sensations scan every body part

And see if you can find a me in them and you will never find it it’s not really about trying to realize what you are realize what you are not first and what you are Will Rise because if you genuinely believe you are the body please prove it to yourself and

Find exactly where you are located in it are you the feet well what if your foot gets cut off do you no longer exist are you the heart well what if you get a heart transplant are you the brain well pieces of the brain can get cut off but

What you truly are will still be here are you behind the eyes well notice what you are identifying with it’s just a sensation if you are a sensation then why aren’t you in the legs why aren’t you in the hands what makes you so sure you exist

Behind the face is it because it feels like it well self-realization isn’t about feelings it’s about truth I don’t want you to listen to me you have to inquire this on your own you have to realize there isn’t a you in this body or in anybody when you can clearly realize you aren’t

The body so much resistance to pain in the body falls away and this is when real transformation begins to take place because an allowing of everything to flow is possible now be aware of how the mind works when you begin feeling into the body it will try

Its best to keep you away from paying attention to it it’s as if it’s trying to keep you safe from something that isn’t dangerous at all it’s dangerous for the ego because it’s losing its sense of control and power but in the direct experience adjusts to emotion there is nothing to run from

Instead of running genuinely be curious of it be curious without wanting to find some mental answer for what it is okay you can label it anger but then drop everything and just look at it just experience it it may take five minutes it may take 10 or 20 minutes or it do go

Away sometimes but don’t Focus much on how long it’s going to take nothing lasts forever just like everything that’s not you it comes and goes today’s video was pretty short simply because there isn’t too much to say about this topic and I don’t need you all to go thinking about this it’s very

Simple and you don’t need 100 more videos and spiritual teachers to tell you to do this I will give you all time not to sit for the rest of the video and just be with the body if you would like really see if you can be with the body

Without identifying with it don’t even label it a body anymore allow there to be no such thing as a hand a head or leg those are just labels we don’t actually know what any of this is just be with what is Foreign Foreign Foreign Thank you Foreign Foreign [Laughter] Foreign Foreign Thank you Foreign

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