Hypnosis Meditation For Meeting Your Inner Child ( Healing Trauma, Anxiety, Fear, Depression etc )

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Full Transcription:
Get comfortable either sitting or laying down in this practice you will be reconnecting with yourself as a child this will be so transformational for you i’m so excited begin close your eyes and take a few deep breaths perfect have you realized that the person you are today

Is the person you needed when you were younger you needed someone to understand you but nobody can understand you more than you now with your mind’s eye picture yourself in a empty room whatever color walls and floor texture you prefer In this room there is one door so make sure you can see that door in your vision also as you stand in the center of this empty room pictures start to appear on all the walls around you pictures of your childhood all the good memories and all the bad

Memories that brought you pain really take time to look at them see what you used to look like now i want you to think about a time in your childhood where you were hurt maybe you didn’t feel loved enough maybe you were alone or confused whatever this memory may be

Don’t run from it i know it may be a difficult thing to revisit but i promise you it will be worth it do you see that picture on the wall of that memory it’s right there i need you to go take this memory off the wall

Hold it in your hand now and look at it the picture is now playing out as if you were watching a movie of this memory see how young you were look at the hairstyle you had at the time let all of those feelings you felt as a

Child be present with you be so present with this moment so that it feels like you are in that very moment again see how your body feels it’s okay you got this you were just a child you don’t know the things you know now but you now have the opportunity to let

Go of all the fear and anger from your childhood all of the saddest and confusion all of the times you didn’t feel loved what would you tell yourself if you could go back you know all the right words to say because only you truly understand you someone is at the door for you

Go over to the door you can already feel who it is as you open the door you see that it is you it is you as a child go ahead and hug him or her and don’t let go just yet feel that connection it’s just pure love it’s unconditional

Tell yourself how much you love them tell yourself everything you needed to hear when you were younger i promise you know exactly what to say You needed someone like you when you were younger let go of them now and just look at the smile on their face they are so happy that you grew up they love you the same way you love them the same way you can feel their pain they can also feel yours

They don’t understand how you can love them so much and care for them so much but you don’t do the same for yourself your younger self is looking at you as a masterpiece why don’t you treat yourself with love why are you so hard on yourself why do you continue to let things

Outside of you affect you why don’t you love yourself the same way you love your younger self give your younger self one more loving hug tell them everything will be okay because it will and as your younger self starts to walk out the future version of yourself walks in

That version of you that you always dream of being they walk in and you to just make eye contact instantly they are just smiling at you because they remember when they did this meditation they remember that this was the exact moment where your life completely took a 180 for the better

They have been waiting for you here for so long see how they dress see how they look you can tell they are living the dream you want they have this light coming out of them to your love and abundance and they’re just so proud of you

Because you have no idea how good life will be for you go ahead and hug them to with that same self-love you gave to your younger self You’re so proud that you never gave up because look at what you have become your younger self runs back into the room and joins you too in a group hug this feeling of love is something you have never felt before all three of you are just laughing and smiling in this beautiful moment

As you all stand in this empty room your future self and younger self say to you we are always here with you because we are you you can never leave us and we can never leave you so remember that it’s time to send them off back into their timelines now

Say your goodbyes and still with your eyes closed notice your physical environment again notice that you are breathing and notice how your body feels before you get up and continue your day or night remember to always be kind to yourself if your younger self and future self don’t judge you

Why do you continue to jude yourself it’s time to take your power back you are allowed to feel good now slowly open your eyes and take a deep breath if you ever want to talk them again just do it remember they are always with you and you are always with them thank you You

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