How to Transcend Self Doubt & Unlock Your POTENTIAL! ( Extremely Powerful )

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Full Transcription:
It’s tough to be the villain of your own story it hurts to know your potential but can’t seem to reach it and it’s the self-doubt that constantly stops you from moving forward constantly throughout the day the mind has so much of your attention and it blocks you from Reaching Your Potential

You could be doing something so simple like trying to read five pages of a book a day and the mind goes you can’t do that or no that’s too much or that’s boring Etc you may also already have awakened to what you truly are but then self-doubt

Comes in and says no that’s not it that wasn’t it isn’t there more information you need this doesn’t feel like it I’m still feeling pain this doesn’t look like it Constantly second guessing yourself you see when it comes to that the mind has no clue of what you are it cannot comprehend you that’s like the mind saying I am the body no that’s just a thought of thought is simply just a thought the

Body is the body you may even have had a glimpse to clearly prove to you that you are not your thoughts but then more thoughts arise and You Begin identifying with those Self-doubting thoughts have to been seen through you have to constantly be able to recognize what exactly is being said and know that it’s a lie the mind is the father of Lies everything it labels and creates and predicts it’s all just filters over reality it’s not what’s real thoughts

Can have thoughts about life but that’s all they are those are just thoughts about it it’s not life itself and if you believe in these thoughts you will begin living in that false reality of the mind which more than half of the world is currently experiencing so what do you do

Well you have to stop getting dragged by these thoughts you have to be able to allow thoughts to come and go without giving them so much attention without believing in them and identifying with them There is a reality outside of the mind and then there is a reality that the mind creates choose one heaven or hell we have never left Heaven it’s just that our attention is fixated on the mind in hell instead of focusing on thoughts focus on being be space be more Curious of that

Essence that never comes and goes be more Curious of that which has never changed and if the Mind goes that’s too hard I don’t know how to do that don’t believe it you’re already this Essence I am pointing to you could never not be it Foreign who believes you have to think about life or it go the way you want it to go realize that’s never actually been true start questioning everything ask yourself is that really true if a thought Rises and says I can’t do this ask yourself is that really true or is

That just a thought I unfortunately believed in because you can literally do and achieve anything it’s just that when the Mind comes and it limits you it has a way of stopping you self-doubt also can come in a form of a sensation the body May tense up or even

Began experiencing anxiety but it’s all a lie if you can realize how the body and mind work together you’ll be able to catch these patterns and stop them from dragging you deep into suffering from them self-doubt can even block you from loving yourself and others it tries to

Make you believe you need to be this way or have this amount of money or have this friend or relationship to find love saying you need validation to do this or that saying you need people to like you so that you can love who you are it’s lying

The mind has wants and needs you don’t because you truly are everything already In this very moment ask yourself why is this moment not enough and the mind may actually come up with some answers but realize it’s a lie it may say well I don’t feel like enough well what does enough feel like if you are chasing feelings or a

Permanent state of being you will be chasing after it’s your whole life what you are seeking for isn’t a feeling what you truly desire is that which is behind feelings You see when you realize that you are whole it’s not like you have gained anything or lost anything you’re simply just realizing you have always been whole so even if it doesn’t feel like it now that doesn’t take away the truth of your nature I know how difficult it can be dealing with self-doubt and it may take some time but every time you see through the best illusions that the mind gets a crack in it and eventually you’ll completely break it open and see through it but this process doesn’t have to take

Long to can break through at any time it’s genuinely all about if you agree with what the Mind Is Telling You and if you can realize there is truly nothing to seek for if it’s telling you that you need to more years and you believe that well it may take to more years

Or you can realize that what you are seeking for is something that cannot be found because it’s already here you can say those two years why would it take that long to find something that’s already here I’m not saying resist the mind because that’s still giving it attention just

Allow what arises to rise without judgment or attachment and then redirect your attention back to self be space allowed to come in and leave don’t hold on to it and try to figure out why you have this thought or that thought what you can do is confirm the truth continue

To ask if that’s true and realize that it’s not There can be a lot of fear that arises in the body when doubt arises it may actually be less mental and a lot more physical and emotional and this usually causes us to hesitate almost everything maybe you want to post something on social media then here comes the fear

Rising in the body you may want to go talk to someone you like and that doubt and fear rises in the body and it can be pretty intense it may genuinely feel impossible to make that next step it’s almost paralyzing and because we have been taught that uncomfortable means bad we unconsciously

Or consciously assume something is wrong when these Sensations rise but if you can become completely ignorant to the current situation you’ll realize that yes the body is uncomfortable but it’s Just Energy and it’s not dangerous at all these uncomfortable Sensations like fear are dangerous notice how you are actually only afraid

Of feeling uncomfortable you’re not afraid of the external experience you just don’t like the way the body feels this is why you must drop the mind and its stories and judgments about what is because it lies also if you are still identified with form you may feel like it’s happening to

You if you still have this belief that you are the body this may be a little more challenging realize that it’s just a belief though you only believe that you are the body you don’t know drop your beliefs and only go off truths off knowing inquire your beliefs

Well I find the body which part of the body am I because limbs can be amputated and you’ll still have that sense of I exist the heart can be replaced so you can’t be the heart pieces of the brain can be chopped off so you can’t be the brain

The body is within you you are not within the body remember you are like space realize that the body is within space within you the only way out of this is in like a tunnel once you’re in it you have to go through it to get out Transcending self-doubt isn’t a comfortable process the body will be purging through emotions the body will be releasing a lot meaning things you don’t want to look at will rise pain will be present within the body To not avoid it’s okay it’s safe to go into these fears and doubts don’t allow the story of your life to hold you back it’s just a story it’s not what you are

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