How To Transcend Mind Attacks EFFORTLESSLY ( End Overthinking, Anxiety, Stressing, Suffering )

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Full Transcription:
Realize this you cannot stop the Mind by using the mind constantly through our day-to-day experiences many of us suffer and struggle with a very active mind but the truth is it’s not you who’s suffering or struggling with anything after watching this video you will begin perceiving these mind attacks that

Happen in a completely different way and hopefully today you will be able to begin transcending the mind and its illusions you don’t need to wait 10 more years you can realize what I will be pointing to right now so when these mind attacks occur it usually begins with the thoughts that

Arises that we don’t necessarily want to have a thought may rise about the future that you don’t like and as soon as that thought arises you go oh I don’t want to think about this why am I thinking about this you may even begin receiving thoughts that talk about the knowledge you have

Learned okay I’m in not my thoughts I am not the one thinking these thoughts thoughts are just happening even though that’s great to know you don’t actually see that to be true in your direct experience fully yet we began battling with the mind telling it to stop thinking Etc it honestly

Feels like there is to different entities in your brain arguing and fighting against each other it feels like there is a you in the mind and then some other thing that’s going against you in the mind so that’s usually how mind attack works such just won’t stop you began feeling

Uncomfortable and worried and stressed it’s a mess but it’s all Just an Illusion you have fell into believing you are a part of please listen and realize what I will be now pointing to for the remainder of this video no need to believe in what I

Am about to say just try to notice what I am pointing to in your direct experience see what I am pointing to without using the mind you our awareness you are that which allows everything to exist and everything exists within you even the body and mind so when I say you

Don’t go Imagining the body you are formless you have no image no feeling no shape And The Mind cannot create you you are already here no concept no imagination no thought or no words are the direct truth of what you truly already and have always been

When the mind isn’t active what is left don’t think about this notice what’s left don’t describe and label what’s left just notice it be here why is this important to realize when it comes to mind attacks you may be wondering well because thoughts aren’t happening to you these mind attacks are not

Happening to what you truly are thoughts are talking and happening to just more thoughts the one who believes he or she is suffering from these constant mind attacks is just another thought realize that so for example let’s say the Mind comes and it begins going crazy blah blah blah

Anxiety anxiety fear shame blah blah blah who are those thoughts happening too if you are the awareness of what’s Happening how could those thoughts be happening to you yes it may send a feeling to the body that you believe is you but aren’t you aware of this feeling also

Without even trying you are always effortlessly aware of all this happening but it’s all happening to no one and you may be like what do you mean it’s happening to no one it’s clearly happening to me well who is this me you believe it’s happening to When you say me where does your attention go where does this may exist in your experience are you referring to the body you can’t be the body because it’s within you you are not the body realize that the body doesn’t think the mind has created the

Me it may be saying it’s the body but go and look for it you won’t find it it’s a creation of the Mind the ego and that’s the only place it can appear to exist because it isn’t real and it isn’t what you truly are when your mind is very active it’s

Literally just the Mind arguing and fighting against the mind and because you give that so much attention and energy it just continues because you may believe that your identity is with the Mind these thoughts have a pull on your attention remember you cannot stop the Mind by using the

Mind you’re just adding more fuel so what do you do just be fall back into what you truly are as Consciousness awareness and just be here and it’s an effortless thing there is no doing involved in being don’t try to do anything just be and notice why I’m

Aware of these thoughts happening so effortlessly you don’t have to try to be aware of thoughts you already are you are already aware because it’s what you truly are it’s your natural state of being you don’t need to try to be natural you just have to notice it and

Decide to stay there instead of with the mind allow the mind to flip out know that it’s not happening to you nothing can happen to awareness even when the body feels pain it’s not you that’s feeling it it’s the body that feels it and you are the awareness of those feelings

Remember what you are as formless you can’t be located because you are everywhere and nowhere at the same time you’re just here you’re almost like space that’s probably the closest comparison allow things to rise in your space without the need to get rid of them without rejecting them or identifying

With them without getting involved with them and this is very easy for you to be when you can just be here the mind will just slow down and stop on its own these thoughts are meaningless it’s just noise but your attachment to them is what causes the appearing suffering

Again viewing mind attacks as a chance for you to transcend the Mind get excited when the Mind begins it’s blabbering ask for it to keep coming so that you can realize and grow that Inner Space within you no need to try to change your thoughts focus on returning back to your true

Being focus on disidentifying with the mind and anything with form those thoughts were naturally align and change on their own I’d recommend meditating but meditate the right way you’re not supposed to meditate to stop thoughts that’s not the point of meditation meditation isn’t something you do meditation is something

That happens and what you truly are as aware of it happening it’s for you to realize what you truly are allow everything to be the moment your eyes close the external no longer exist so go within and just be allow things to come and go effortlessly

And soon you will realize what you truly are thank you

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