How to Let Go Of ALL FEAR Through Oneness ( The End Of Fear )

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Full Transcription:
Fear is what stops us from truly enjoying life the fear of what others may think the fear of not being accepted or good enough the fear of failure the list goes on end on and on fear can be what’s stopping you from completely surrendering to being also

The Mind may be telling you hey this isn’t safe or it may just bring up random fears to keep you from ascending past the illusions of ego but there truly is a cure I guess I’ll call it for fear and it’s through realizing there is no such thing as separation

Separation is where fear lives and thrives the belief that you are a separate human experiencing life comes with a lot of fear this illusion of separation and make it appear as if you are a victim to life causing you to throw up these unnecessary ways to protect who you think you are

The illusion of Separation brings the fear of others things like anxiety and constantly worrying about others but what happens to all those fears the moment you realize there is no such thing as others who’s there to be afraid of who could you possibly worry about and think about

If there isn’t anyone to worry about if you can accept that we are all one being in that awareness of Oneness alone will completely make everything so clear for you now to realize we are all one you have to realize what we all are truly as one

And here’s in simple way to recognize this accept that the only thing truly here is consciousness Consciousness is appearing as everything it appears as bodies it appears as thoughts trees the sun it’s literally everything but remember these are appearances what’s appearing is not actually what it appears to be because it’s truly just

Consciousness it’s you for example Consciousness appears as a body but the body isn’t actually what it appears to be ultimately there is no such thing as a body the mind just creates the appearance of one in your direct experienced there is no proof of a body there is only what we call Sensations

The confusion his Consciousness appearing as confusion seeking as Consciousness appearing as seeking anger is consciousness appearing as anger but none of that is actually what it appears to be and you may be asking well what are they then and nobody knows they call it Consciousness but we don’t know what

Consciousness is necessarily and you shouldn’t be trying to understand what it is because you can’t it’s not possible to understand it directly you can only be it you have to become okay with not knowing become okay with the unknown you were as a baby you didn’t care nor did you claim

To know you didn’t identify with the body or the mind you didn’t identify with anything at all because you’re not a thing you are no thing no nothing be nothing can just be when you become no thing you’ll realize this nothingness is everything and you have always been nothingness appearing as everything even

If you don’t notice it right now you are this is why you may hear so many teachers say what you are looking for is already here because it really is where else could it be if this is the only thing here the Mind tries to make this Enlightenment something it’s not if

There is an image of how it should be or what it should feel like is lying the substance of that imagination is it but the content of that imagination is not it’s just another trick of the ego the content of the mind is appearing as something but it’s nothing it’s an

Illusion it appears real but it’s not it’s appearing as something but it’s truly nothing it’s nothingness appearing as something hits you those uncomfortable Sensations are Consciousness appearing as that uncomfort but what you have to begin to focus on is that Consciousness focus on yourself this is self-realization instead of the content of your

Experience focus on whatever things made out of focus on the field where things rise from everything comes from nothingness Consciousness is no thing it’s no thing because it doesn’t have a form it just takes forms and that’s what makes it every thing at the same time and it’s

What we truly are as one because this is all there is and I know how uncomfortable it feels to feel separate the body can feel alone the body can feel contracted but all that’s needed is to release these emotions and you can do that through the realization of Oneness

Some of these bodies have emotions that don’t seem to go anywhere even when we sit and feel and feel for days it still can have that same energetic pull on attention it can almost feel like a rock inside the chest that doesn’t go anywhere but through Oneness these emotions begin to release

You have to bring those emotions into being no need to change them no need to wish for them to go away bring them into the light of awareness bring them into Oneness and through this process they will release do not claim this pain to be yours do

Not claim anything to be yours when you claim something to be yours you create an attachment to it be attached to nothing but connected to everything you don’t have to grasp onto emotions as if they are yours hold them lightly so that they can pass also if you haven’t seen the video where

I talk about how there actually isn’t a body here that will definitely be useful when it comes to doing emotional work but to get back to fear and Oneness once Oneness is recognized as truth once you can clearly realize that this is truth the sensation of fear will begin to not

Be a problem and who thought fear could never be an issue you will have the capacity to allow fear to be here without any stories attached to it and naturally that fear will begin to diminish you’ll no longer judge uncomfortable Sensations as something bad nothing is wrong with anything there has

Never been anything wrong with any emotion they don’t actually mean anything it’s the mind that has that belief but affirm to yourself over and over again during times of discomfort that there is actually nothing wrong with how the body feels resistance to what has also begins to fall away you won’t resist anymore

Because you won’t be afraid of anything you won’t be afraid of emotions you won’t be afraid of anxiety and the fake scenarios the Mind May create because what or who is there to be afraid of if you recognize you are everything there is nothing or nobody to protect

Anymore you can’t take anything personal anymore the fear of judgment Falls away because who is there to judge Oneness heals all it really does and it may take some time but know that it’s already here and they can only be here so don’t begin waiting on this realization to happen in the future

You’ve never experienced the future can only be realized here

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