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Full Transcription:
Being yourself is very simple but thinking about how to be is where suffering arises our whole life we have either been told or have heard just be yourself without fully grasping what that really means it’s hard for people to be themselves because their understanding of that saying is wrong

You see being yourself has nothing to do with personality it’s not personal at all it has nothing to do with who you think you are this is why it’s confusing and appears to be hard to be yourself because you’re thinking about being yourself you can’t think about it you can only be it

I will explain this the best way I can listen carefully You can never not be yourself your true self is consciousness awareness there has never been a time when you weren’t aware you may have moments where you don’t notice it but you can never not be aware you are awareness know yourself as that you are not the things that come and go

Like thoughts and emotions you are not things that change like the body or are you anything that you can perceive because you are the awareness which is aware of it what you truly are is beyond personality it’s beyond the story of your life beyond your name and your beliefs

If all those things were gone you would still have that sense of existence and they actually do leave these stories your name your beliefs these are simply just a collection of thoughts you aren’t constantly thinking about them they come and go see that see that you are that which never leaves

And never changes awareness God life Consciousness those are all the same thing just different labels and it’s who you are so you may ask well how do I be myself well once again know that you can never not be yourself stop searching for yourself stop looking for yourself and

Realize that you’re already looking from it you are that which is directing attention you can’t find yourself anywhere you’re already here remember it’s not a personal thing it’s not an object so it’s not the human form which is aware it’s awareness that’s aware know that only you can be aware

The body is not aware you are Life Energy you are that which is animating this form once your energy leaves this body the body dies not you this is just a vehicle and you are the key to it without you the vehicle cannot function Stop looking for yourself notice that you are already yourself and you are looking from it it’s like trying to find your eyes without a mirror you can look for a million years and you will never find them because you are looking from them already so when people say love yourself and

Fall in love with yourself instead of trying to fall in love with the who you are which is very inconsistent and doesn’t actually exist know yourself as what you truly are and just love being love that sense of existence of awareness and I’ll show you a so-called practice so that you can

Realize what you truly are right now it’s very simple and you can do it so first simply just ask yourself am I aware and don’t answer it mentally go directly to the experience that will confirm that for you it shouldn’t be a belief know this Foreign without any mental activity it’s already within your awareness so you don’t need to try just notice the Life Energy within them go directly to the Sensation that we label hands and notice the experience that confirms that knowing move your fingers around know that you are the energy that animates this form

You are the energy that animates everything and every other form you are life itself Now that you are aware become aware of that sense of awareness notice yourself ignore everything and only notice awareness it’s effortless I say that you cannot be what you are aware of and that’s true so when I say become aware of your awareness in the beginning it may feel like a mental activity but what’s actually happening is you are now being you are being yourself becoming aware of your awareness is just

The language used to point you to it so once again just become aware of yourself as awareness Nothing Else Matters right now This isn’t a doing it’s being there’s actually nobody here doing anything notice how you as awareness cannot be damaged you cannot be destroyed you cannot be hurt you cannot want something you cannot feel lack you cannot feel at all because you are the awareness of feelings you cannot think you cannot suffer

You are always here regardless of what’s being experienced without you there is no experience you are the one without desires without wants you aren’t seeking because you are already here you have always been here this this is what you need to fall in love with show compassion towards unconditional love and compassion love

Being no need to love who you are who you think your doesn’t exist any ways that’s all created within the mind it’s not real the mind has a created reality that you have been a slave to break free from it and realize life and living is outside of the Mind most of us

Are living without realizing we are alive we walk around like zombies we are walking dead aliveness it’s found within it’s found through knowing what you truly are as life itself this process will be painful once you begin killing off the false self energetically but it’s worth it it’s

Worth being and knowing pure spirit it’s a rebirth of course it’s painful make the decision now if you haven’t already really lock in with your true self it’s time to come back home you are literally calling yourself back to yourself This is why you keep sending yourself signs just listen please Welcome home

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