When you are trying to accomplish a goal, something big, do faces pop into your head as a reason why you won’t achieve that goal? Its a bit strange, is it not? Do we even know why those faces appear? But they seem to be mostly negative, even if the face is a positive person in our life. For some reason that face represents a reason why we can’t accomplish a specific goal. There’s something projecting from our subconscious mind. Junk that’s been gathered in the negative compartments, files, and boxes.

You don’t want to end up letting another persons belief/opinion shape your experience and the outcome of any of your decisions. So many times we let what other people believe about us shape us into who we are – or at least who we think we are. We do it all the time though. It’s only “their opinion,” based on very little knowledge of us. We react in certain ways around certain people, because that’s who they believe we are. And unfortunately, far too many times we accept it.

“Let your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should respond to each person.”

-Colossians 4:6

We should speak to ourselves this highly as well. The etymology of the word “Blessing” from the Greek “Eulogia,” simply means to speak highly of someone. When attending a funeral for someone, there is always a Eulogy given. Someone stands at the front and speaks highly of that person. We should also apply this to our own self. Many times we let the expectations of others influence what WE accomplish. Our success and failure. That is just unacceptable. Remember, the word “person” comes from the Latin “persona” and literally means “the mask of an actor.” So do you wear YOUR mask, or the mask that OTHERS expect you to be wearing at any given time. Or do you choose to wear the mask they accept of you?

Think about your reputation, personal and professional. How do people see you? Did you know you have as many reputations as people who know you? No two people are going to see you exactly the same. Each forms their own opinion … and it is almost certainly never the true-you. When you’re interacting with people, it’s actually like there are four distinct personalities at play. Your four masks.

1. How YOU see yourself.

2. How the OTHER person sees you.

3. How YOU see the OTHER person.

4. How the OTHER person sees HIMSELF.

Now, it may be easier to understand why relationships can be so confusing. It can become a huge mess. One person loves you, another person says you’re incompetent, while another one says you’re of little worth. Its an endless battle, that you simply don’t need to be a part of.

No one, other than you and the Divine within, knows who you really are and what you are truly capable of. And honestly, you are capable of anything. You are a boundless fountain of unlimited potentiality. Do not let even one single person’s interpretation of you influence what you desire to be, and to achieve. No matter how important that person is to you. Take a few moments each day and connect with the Divine within you. The grand Architect of all there is, created you for Life, and Life abundant. You’ll get directions from within … that still small voice … as long as your screaming ego is silenced for a few moments. Call it your GPS … God Positioned Self.

You’ve heard highly successful business people say “I started from nothing.” Many might respond with “well, you had to start with something, ’cause you can’t get something from nothing.” But you can. In fact, all of no-thing, emanates from some-thing. This is the Truth. From the Greek, void is “κενώ.” In the ancient Hebrew it is called the “Ayin/Ein.” This is the void … nothingness. Where creation takes place: “Yesh me-Ayin” (“Something from Nothing”). The “nothingness” is where unlimited potentiality emerges from. In Genesis it says in the beginning the Earth was void. All of creation came forth from the realm of the unseen … the void.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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