Religious beliefs, teachings, and dogmas have a tendency to create separation of Higher-Self (the Divine) from God/Source, because these beliefs tend to discourage a full direct and meaningful experience of Source that is WITHIN all of us. God/Source is inside each and every one of us. And this understanding, this knowing and full acceptance, is what is needed in difficult times. A healing of the separation of God is needed to reconnect all of us to the Source of all that is, and as a result to each other as well.

Know, understand, and accept that we are never separate or separated from the Source of all creation. There is a God Essence within ALL of us. This is always the case. By relying on an outside consortium to manage this relationship for you, you are turning away from that which resides within you. Remember the wise words of St. Francis of Assisi: “what we are looking for, is what is looking.”

You do not need to rely on and reach to outside and to the external as it is unnecessary. In essence, religion and its varying dogmas and doctrines teach you how to turn away from this God/Source that all of us have within us, by relying on the external, and foregoing the internal. This lowers your energy vibration and does not help with your ascension process. You do not need to be blessed by any priest or third party religious figure to receive the blessing’s of God/Source.

You can be blessed within … and do not need to rely on others outside of you to bless you in this way. Relying on others gives away your control and freedom, as it implies separation. There is no actual separation … we are all One, we are all Source. When you see this for what it is, you can be ready to be blessed by God/Source directly. Also, remember the word “blessing” comes from the Greek word “eulogia,” which means to speak highly of someone. Just like at a funeral, the one speaking goodness of the deceased is delivering a “Eulogy.”

Understanding and accepting this Truth will serve your ascension of consciousness well. You must understand and accept yourself as a part of and an essence of God, and that the blessings will come directly from God within you. We are all going to eventually merge back to where we all came from when we are ready. This is what “Christ Consciousness” is all about.

Imagine the Source of ALL Life as a body of water, and you are a cup of that water experiencing Life in that water on Earth. But that cup is still Source, that cup is still you with your own separate and distinct energy resonance and vibrational frequency. There is nothing else that is required, just the recognition of YOU, for the magnificent being of emanating Source Energy that we are. This is what living in Christ Consciousness is all about. When you know and understand and accept this Truth, you have resurrected the Divine within … the Christ Consciousness.

Religion has hidden this Truth from you through dogma, illusions, false teachings, and deceptions. It is time now to find this Truth. When you know this as Truth in your heart and Soul, these illusions and false truths disappear. You will stand in your Truth, light, and in your own knowing. Every soul that incarnates on Earth has an innocent and pure Soul Essence. There are never bad choices, just lessons and experiences from the choices we make. We come to Earth School to learn karmic lessons, and to grow and develop spiritually. That is why we are here. Too many times, we waste these opportunities for us to evolve our Soul and Divine Essence.

Christianity’s dogma of original sin is simply not true, and causes fear and disempowerment due to the false understanding that there is an external God sentencing us for our sins and mistakes. Nothing can be further from the Truth. In addition, this unnecessary fear causes separation from the recognition of our Source within. As we are separated, our energy vibration is lowered when our goal is to raise it.

If we feel that God/Source is external to us, we fear it, we do not see it; and there is a false separation. Not seeing this causes us to be blinded because our power is being given away due to the false understanding of a fearful God living in the clouds on a golden throne. Not only does this manifest separation from Source within, but we are filled with fear that God will punish us for something we have done. God never, ever, punishes. His mercies are new every morning. The Bible stories are allegorical myths, and were never meant to be taken as literal and historical only – there are much deeper meanings. God/Source is the force of Life inside us, and loves us all immensely. We manifest our thoughts into form, so if we feel fear and guilt in a vengeful God, that is what we will experience in our reality. And both fear and guilt lowers our energy vibration to that of base nature, rather than the Divine.

Through this type of process, we have given up our control and power. Be careful of religious institutions that are corrupted by control issues, power, and their false dogmas and teachings and doctrines. Original Sin does not exist and had been invented to enslave the masses. We do not need to rely on an external God. Look within for salvation … salvation from ignorant thinking and actions. The light within will shine on the Truth, and all illusion will dissipate.

We will find our God Essence within us, not without us. We need to remove ourself from this hindering external belief systems, and raise our vibration from the destructive base nature frequency of fear – to love, as God/Source is pure Love. We experience what we feel and think. Our thoughts are energy and will manifest into form. And if we are projecting a frightening God and sin, then we are scared and become more and more bound to the dogma of the various religions that control us … which leads us to being subservient, while helping to fulfill another’s agenda. It is time to stand up in our light and in our Truth.

Eliminate fears of a vengeful and frightening God, and eliminate false separation from Source Energy / God Essence. Our ascension will serve us well by realizing and accepting these Truths. We will experience our own revelation, resurrection, and ascension when we release ourselves from the control and manipulations of religions that do not serve the highest and best good. The Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN us … and IS Source.

Forgiveness and redemption will not come to us through religious dogma and rituals. We must develop our own internal relationship with Source. Look within to find your Source Essence. It is there. It always has been. And it is the same within all … as we are all One in God/Source. No need to look outside to find what is inside. No third party religious person or priest is needed. Always be in a state of forgiveness, thanksgiving, and gratitude. and do not rely on others to forgive you. You are not responsible for others.

Forgiveness is for you, not for the other person. It releases you from the burden. As you continue to forgive, you are developing a closer relationship with Source. Remember that we are ultimately Source, as we are all ONE. Only WE have the power to make changes to ourself. When we understand this and accept this, we live in Christ Consciousness and reclaim our inner Divine power. We rise up to the glory that is US, to the powerful and illuminating I AM Presence inside our Soul. We find the God Self within us. Our Higher Consciousness.

Be careful also of martyrdom religious beliefs. Jesus did not come to suffer for humanity so that we can all be saved and thus be forgiven by God/Source by dying on the cross. Once again, these are allegorical and celestial myths … with deeper hidden teachings. Wise men, sages, hierophants, and shamans taught us how to live in the Christ Consciousness long before the story of the man from the Hills of the Galilee every found its way to the scriptures. Jesus, as a higher being of Light, showed the common man the Truth of the Christ Consciousness that had been known for centuries among Royalty and the Elite. Be mindful also, we are not punished FOR our sin but BY our sin … negative consequences of ignorant thinking and wrongful action. This is the Law of Cause and Effect.

Believing that Jesus died for the sins of humanity has bred the belief of a saviour. There is only one saviour, and that saviour is you. You are the only one that can save yourself. You do this by living in Christ Consciousness, by understanding and accepting your own Divinity. People need to be aware and be responsible for their own actions and this false religious belief has taken away this responsibility … being told that Jesus is their saviour and took upon him their sins and karma. This cannot be.

Every person needs to be responsible for their own actions and their own karma (cause & effect). This is Universal Immutable Law. This is how we grow and develop and learn. The story of the crucifixion of Jesus is fear-based. It connects a sense of obligation to be subservient to the dogmas and rituals of the early Roman Church leaders. These were not the original teachings of the Great Mysteries that led to early teachings that found their way into the ancient scriptures.

This was done to keep people in fear and by doing so, take their power from them and put it in someone else’s hands. Holy Men and Hierophants have tried to share the Christ Consciousness with others for millennia, to show others how to connect with their Inner Source Essence … or God. We are our own savior, and the only thing we need to be saved from is illusion, ignorance, and negative emotions, thoughts, and actions.

It is the full knowing, the full understanding, and full acceptance and integration and the BEING of Source vibration while we are in our physical body. It is being awakened to our true Self, to our Divinity. We are all an individualized essence and part of Source. And Source is a part of us. We must understand and accept this Truth. That is how powerful we really are. That is how beautiful we are. When we realize this, we are living in and with Christ Consciousness. That is when Life can change for us. That is when ascension will happen for us. We become fully awakened to the beautiful Source being that we are. All of us will eventually return to Source when we are ready.

You are living knowing that Source is a part of you, that Source is in you, that you are part of Source, as that cup of water discussed above. Find your Christ Consciousness within and find your Source within. Do not resort to devotion or worship to religion or a vengeful God that does not exist … but find the self-realization within. The loving God of all creation. The one that promised Life, and Life abundant.

There is no separation. We are all One. By realizing the Christ Consciousness within, you are then forgiven for your so called ‘sins’ (wrong thinking) automatically through recognition of your own true nature as Beings of Source. This is important to understand, because then we realize that we are our own saviour.

No other being will be saving us. We are the ones we have been waiting for. When this is understood and accepted, there is a freedom from all religious dogmas that do nothing but to entrap one in unnecessary guilt, religious obligations and subservience to religious institutions. Then the shackles of oppression and control can be removed and our I AM Presence can be seen, and we have risen … to a higher level of consciousness … Divine.

You then realize that Jesus is symbolic and the full embodiment of the Christ Consciousness … our Saviour within. This is a Truth, a Truth that was hidden from us for thousands of years to control us … and designed to manipulate us through fear by false religious institutions serving their own purposes. As soon as you discover the Christ within, the Source Awareness, you WILL realize that you are your own saviour. Be your Source. Be your Saviour. Be You. Be love, as Source is Love. Be One with all things in this universe. All is one, and one is all.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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