Guided Meditation | Truly FEEL The POWER Of Your INNER BEING RIGHT NOW (Life Changing)

Videos by @YourHigherSelf_ – These vids have been fresh water to my thirst. Listen and enjoy.

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Full Transcription:
Welcome to my channel and thank you for taking time out of your day for yourself i am going to be showing you how to access a super power that we all have but forgotten in today’s practice now there will be no music because i want you to really pay

Attention to what you’re about to experience because i want it to change your life now let’s start shall we get comfortable lay down or sit up whatever’s comfortable for you close your eyes and start taking a couple deep breaths really feel how that air feels coming in and out of the body

You are doing great not shift your awareness to the life energy you have in your hands simply just feel you don’t need thoughts to know you have hands so no need to think about it just feel and relax you may feel a tingling or pulsing sensation or maybe even he or all three

Whatever you are feeling is perfect now spread this awareness to rest of the body and simply feel don’t think about how it feels just feel that life energy from source yes exactly like that if you haven’t noticed when attention is placed within the body thoughts are either slowed down or they don’t exist

At all this practice is guaranteed to resolve the mental psychological problems we all face no more anxiety no more fear those only exist in the mind and without all that mind chatter you are free from suffering illusions okay let’s focus more deeply now let’s take it up a notch shall we

Continue to simply feel with no judgment of the feeling of the inner body’s energy and if you can and you definitely can drop the mental vision of your body so now all you are left with is the life energy we truly are to come one with the feeling

Become the energy and just be with no reaction to anything that may rise don’t react to just focus on feeling i am going to leave you to this practice for a couple minutes don’t cry i’ll check in every other minute or so deep breath in then begin

You are doing amazing i’m so proud of you simply feel don’t be hard on yourself you’re still learning keep it up you may now move your fingers and toes around and open your eyes that doesn’t mean stop being aware of the inner body i challenge you to keep

This inner body awareness all day every day then come back to this video every day and give me an update on how your experience is going i truly would like to know involve every daily activity with some awareness in the body and watch your life change you did great today i’ll see you

Tomorrow you must really enjoy this if you’re still here you

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