Freedom Can Hurt & It’s Scary. Do You Really Want It? ( A Powerful Inquiry )


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Full Transcription:
What is freedom what is it really well I will tell you that it isn’t whatever your mind has created it to be to Heaven within freedom is not what you imagine it to be at all because the mind cannot and will never lead you here notice how

You may have an idea of what freedom is really look at that maybe there’s an imagination of a specific experience maybe the mind is attaching freedom to a specific feeling freedom feels like this not that freedom means this and not that does the ego believe something like

That even when you think about peace you can’t think about peace you can’t think about love well you can but the mind doesn’t know what it is it can’t experience it therefore for it doesn’t know it it just thinks it does by creating an idea of it you are already free there’s no

Special event you need to be waiting on because Freedom has no conditions you’re not free once you feel good know you’re free regardless of what’s here and if you really seek freedom you have to accept that it’s not always going to feel good you have to drop the

Conditions you placed on freedom you have to let go of how you want freedom to be for you you’re already free when fear is here you’re already free when there is confusion you’re already free you just believe you aren’t because you aren’t experiencing the idea that you have created about free

Freedom that’s the only thing that’s truly blocking you is your belief in the concepts of this is right and this is wrong no this is this it is what it is you have to let go of the idea of freedom to truly be free and that can be

Scary Fear Can rise when you begin to do so because you’re stepping into the unknown you’re stepping into something you can’t think about are you ready to not know anything does that scare the ego Freedom can hurt and it will be painful for the body as you begin to

Taste it and don’t perceive that as a negative event that’s expected know that you will face fear Freedom means you won’t care care what happens and you won’t need everything to go your way you won’t need validation you won’t need love from others you won’t need to be accepted by

Others you won’t need the past or future anymore are you okay with that does the OS say no is it scared of freedom of course it is because that means means you’ll be free from it it won’t be in control anymore it won’t be able to create fake dangerous

Scenarios and then protect you from them with anxiety and fear anymore what if I told you Freedom isn’t safe does that trigger anything in the mind I hope it does because that’s all the ego looks for his safety and what I mean by that is in Freedom you don’t

Live life anymore trying to avoid life the meaning of your life will no longer be to live life making sure that your biggest fears never happen it won’t be to always protect myself from the world because you’ll be free from it no more playing small no more playing the victim

Role and taking things personal and blaming uh others are you ready for that and if you are if a part of you knows this is everything you ever wanted you cannot Place conditions on freedom and the faster you accept this the clearer this will become ask yourself am I free right now

And listen to what the mind says does it say anything along the lines of I’m not free because I don’t understand what freedom is my body is still really uncomfortable I still feel pain this can’t be freedom I still have things to fix about myself before I can say that I’m

Free is the ego placing conditions on freedom based off of what it thinks it is is it not a allowing you to be okay with what is in this moment are you saying if there is pain in the body there is freedom if you feel sad you aren’t free because freedom is

Okay with everything because it’s free from it it’s not affected by any of it it allows what is to be experienced and then let go of the identification with feelings are gone here the wanting and needing them to change or go way is gone these emotions are appreciated here they

Aren’t rejected they aren’t pushed back down because you believe something is wrong it’s free from them there’s a natural process of letting go of these things that don’t serve you anymore here including what we call negative or uncomfortable emotions uncomfortable isn’t even a thing for you anymore here it’s actually

Fun to work with un Comfort because you know you’re getting the opportunity to relax and let go of something you no longer need so how is it that you are free already well you have to realize who is free first because it’s not who you think you are that is free whatever your

Name is that is watching this you are not free you don’t even exist I’m speaking about what you truly are as Consciousness the one who is aware of the character you believe yourself to be that’s what is already and always free always Consciousness isn’t touched by

Any of this and everything in the moment is perfect in the eyes of Consciousness even uncomfort what you are isn’t a body sensation and I know we can have a habit of trying to feel a certain emotions to feel our being but that’s not the right approach please try this

Instead if you don’t label the body the body meaning drop the label humans have given this form the body no longer exists there’s just Sensations it’s not Body Sensations there’s just Sensations and from this place of perceiving reality without labels and Concepts you begin to notice that everything and I mean everything is

Actually within you these Sensations begin to melt into what it feels like the ocean of the universe everything will be turned inside out and a way you have never experienced anything outside of yourself but because Consciousness gets sucked into the illusion of being a body or being separate you don’t realize you’re

Free from all this because it’s all within you notice the visual field look in front of you the world is literally within you it’s so obvious but if you believe that you are in the body and the world is out there it creates the illusion that there

Actually is an outside but even the body you are experiencing is within you notice that the body isn’t outside of you don’t make this complicated don’t go to thoughts just look and notice how obvious that is these feelings are within you thoughts are within you nothing is happening outside of you

Don’t limit Consciousness to form don’t believe I am here as this body experiencing the world outside of me that’s a fearful way to live the moment you place things or people outside of you you give them an opportunity to be a threat you give your power

Away you are all there is you created this world within yourself to experience yourself you made a 8 billion bodies and you’re experiencing yourself and this world through all of them all of this is appearing to happen in your mind you are the one who sees hears feels Consciousness is the one

Experiencing not the ego not some separate person the ego can experience anything because it doesn’t exist it’s God experiencing and it’s not a personal experience the only thing experiencing anything is you it’s why when you look into someone’s eyes you don’t see them you see yourself you are all there is you

Find yourself everywhere you look you just have to look you place hints and signs everywhere to lead yourself back home as conscious you relaxes into itself instead of getting pulled into the body and into thoughts you will begin to shed the world you will begin to break through

Hell a week of constantly relaxing and letting go will completely change the way you experience this experience and if you have watching my recent video about the highest teaching to grow spiritually I highly recommend that it may be the most uncomfortable and scary week of your life but the

Results are almost instant every day you’re a new person new Energy new insight a new reality and it won’t be that you find Freedom you will become it then you will realize you’ve always been it it’s not a mindset shift it’s a complete identity shift where I’ll see the drop of all identity

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Selihom Belengo
Selihom Belengo
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