Free Will Does Not Exist!

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Full Transcription:
Free Will is a pretty difficult topic to talk about because many of us still have this sense of me this sense of I am doing this or making that decision but there is no self we believe that I am making this decision and that I am in full control but are you really

Free Will is the ability to make your own decisions and to have that ownership over the actions you take but once again there is no you I will try to explain this the best way possible you don’t have to take my word for it I want you to experiment with

This to see this to be true for yourself Free Will does not exist yes there is a woe but it is not free for example you did not choose to click on this video even though it may feel like it was YouTube made this decision it wasn’t the

Brain and body are constantly active there was an Impulse to come to YouTube and then a decision was made in the brain to click on this video and it all happened without the idea of you things are just happening decisions are being made so fast and automatically we

Attach this false self to the decision as if it was us who made the decision but that’s not true because first there is no one here to make decisions decisions aren’t happening to anyone they are just happening I know it may sound confusing I myself didn’t want to believe this to be true

But as I inquired this in my own experience I constantly seen that I never had control I never had control over my thoughts because thoughts are just happening and they are happening to no one I never had control over my decisions because decisions are just happening and they

Are happening to no one if you are not familiar with the non-dual teachings or the teachings of Consciousness when I say it’s happening to No One you may think I’m crazy so I’ll give you a quick explanation to what I mean to get straight to the point you don’t

Exist nobody exists well we exist but not as these human characters you see you cannot find yourself in the body go ahead and try you don’t exist behind the eyes you don’t exist in the chest or in the head that sense of self that you are identifying with us just as sensation

It’s Just Energy and this energy is boundless it has no Edge you cannot find the edge of a sensation that goes on and on and out forever beyond the body these Sensations also have no density it may feel solid but it’s Just Energy vibrating solids do not exist if you go

Deep into a solid all you will find is empty space it can appear to be solid but there is no such thing the universe and everything and it is made up of 99.9 percent happy space nothing is actually what it appears to be so if you don’t exist what are you well

Me and you and everything around you is pure Consciousness there is no self there is no doer there is no thinker there is no listener there is no one here suffering everything is just happening no one is feeling no one is talking no one is watching this video there is no

One here all of this is just happening and it’s happening to no one so how could there be free will if things are just happening do you see what I am saying I know it feels very real right now you may be disagreeing but you are only disagreeing because you still have that

Sense of self that sense of me doing something and I’m not expecting you to not feel that way but it’s all an illusory sense because this self that you believe yourself to be is never existed have you ever been driving and you get caught up in thoughts or even stopped

Paying attention to driving but somehow you still know where to go you still know how to stay in the lines you still can follow all the road rules and then you snap back and realize that you weren’t even paying attention to driving but driving was just happening without

The idea of you or even the focus on the activity driving was just happening without you thinking you were in control are you breathing are you pumping your blood throughout your body are you digesting food are you thinking or is all of this just happening and Rising for nowhere

It’s all just happening these sounds you hear are just happening and they are rising from nothingness there isn’t even a left or a right or an upward down these sounds are coming out of nowhere and there’s no one here listening It’s Just Happening you are choosing to listen to something whatever

Is happening in your experience is Just Happening it’s hard to put this into words understand that my words are not the truth they’re simply to just point you to it me not saying anything and being silent is closer to the truth than me speaking please throughout your day stop

And just notice how you actually aren’t doing anything and things are just happening lift your hand up right now did you look at your hand did you begin turning and observing your hand or did you simply just raise your hand while still focusing on the video

Or did you not participate in that at all regardless of what happened it just happened and I know it feels like it was you who chose to do so but it just happened a decision was made in the brain without the idea of you and what

We truly are was simply just aware of the decision and the action it’s pretty liberating for me to know that I don’t have the control that I think I have think about animals do you think they have free wool do you think they have thoughts about what to do next

In this sense of control no they don’t they are simply letting life guide them it’s amazing how animals don’t need instructions on how to live they’re just letting intuition take control they are letting life take care of Life they have no control and neither do we things are just happening

You may say well what if I want to go to McDonald’s I’m clearly choosing to eat at McDonald’s no no you are not choosing that hunger rises in the body and decisions on where to eat your eyes also and then the brain also chooses what decision to go with

Based on your desires and preferences and this all happens without the idea of a self and now eating a Big Mac meal is happening it’s all just happening and it’s happening to no one I will for sure be making more videos on this topic because it can be pretty tricky to understand mentally it’s a lot more clear to see through experience though so just try to see that you have no control it will help you realize this more than these words can teach

I don’t want you to believe me I want you to see this to be true for yourself and that applies to every single thing I talk about try to see this and your experience I would love to know what you all think in the comments and I will be happy to

Reply to answer and questions also thank you for watching

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