Frame Technique | For Setting Boundaries & Taking Your Energy Back

Videos by @YourHigherSelf_ – These vids have been fresh water to my thirst. Listen and enjoy.

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Full Transcription:
In this practice you will learn how to take your energy back and how to stay grounded in your own energy at all times you will grow to no longer feel guilty for being yourself setting boundaries will be easy and no more people pleasing nothing and i mean nothing outside of you will

Be able to affect who you grow to be on the inside so let’s begin this practice now if you have your own candle at home you can use that also but if not it’s okay please keep your focus on the top of the fire throughout the entire practice

And also take deep breaths throughout the practice on the inhales i want you to feel your body don’t think about it just feel it and on the out breath just relax on every inhale feel the separation between you and the flame on that breath relax and reconnect so do this with me now

Inhale in and feel the body and separation exhale and relax inhale and feel the energy in your body more and more exhale and relax your inner body focus connecting and reconnecting to your inner body is teaching your body how to stay grounded within your own energy you will no longer feel everyone’s

Energy so much you’ll be a lot more confident and present with yourself if you practice this daily you will see results very very fast you should feel more grounded after this practice this will reduce or completely get rid of your anxiety because the more you are

In your body the less you are in your head remember deep breaths really feel that inner body energy growing with every inhale do this for 10 to 20 minutes a day for the best results just feel you don’t need thoughts to feel drop the story attached to the feeling

You are now alone for the rest of this practice come back to this very every day and tell me how you feel you got this uh so um so so so so uh so you

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