Fearing The Unknown Is Killing Your Potential. Just Understand This…

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Full Transcription:
They’re known that’s what you are afraid of not knowing what’s going to happen in the future just to Eat You Alive sometimes you see for some reason we have all became obsessed with control we tried to control people we try to control situations outside of ourselves and we

Want to feel like we have full control over what happens in the future we want full control over the unknown well sorry to break it to you you have zero control it’s amazing how we continue to believe that we can predict the future we also made ourselves believe that we

Can read minds it’s all a trap we fall into it’s called then known for a reason when you try to control what’s going to happen you are actually losing control over yourself the only thing you really have control over fearing the unknown is what causes anxiety and fear and it makes you paranoid

But if you become aware of what’s actually going on in your head when you are suffering from those things you will begin to see that it’s all fake It’s Just an Illusion in the mind your mind will begin creating fake scenarios about what might happen in the

Future and you grew to believe in these stories you believe in it so much that when you think about it it feels like it’s happening right now but look around nothing is happening right now in this present moment at some point you have to drop your worrying and concern notice that it’s

Not helping you it’s not making you feel good you are constantly living in fear and it’s blocking you from reaching your full potential if it’s draining it is not for you I understand that this fix won’t happen overnight but see if you can catch yourself every time you begin to fear the unknown

And then realize that it’s all in your head to get over this fear of the unknown you have to see that the present moment is all we ever have we cannot leave the present moment you cannot deal with a situation that is not happening right now so why worry about

It when you fall victim to the lies of the mind it feels like you aren’t in the present moment but when you are thinking you are thinking about that right now you’re just wasting and giving your life energy away to the thoughts in your head

All of your power is here in the present moment so challenge yourself to be here more the mind will try to bring you back into thoughts because ego doesn’t want to give up control over your life but it’s time for you to take back control it’s time to fall in love with

The unknown that’s what makes life exciting again not knowing what’s going to happen should be exciting it keeps the thrill of Life Alive if you’re constantly worried about what might and might not happen you’re not living life you’re just surviving you’re just trying to make sure nothing goes

Wrong but doing that is exactly why things aren’t going the way you want them to know let go of control till that self-trust build that trust with your God and the universe and surrender let the flow of life flow through you that is the key to true happiness and Liberation from suffering

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