Fear DOESNT Exist! Here Is All You Need To Realize! ( Conversations With God EP # 2 )

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Full Transcription:
Ah so you’re curious about fear yeah it’s what’s been holding me back it’s like I know my potential I know that if I just make the decision to be how I truly desire I will be okay but at the same time I’m having all of these what-ifs and fears arising that

Stop me from making that shift and it’s very frustrating because I know how great I could be I know I don’t have to have anxiety about the future I know I don’t have to care about what others think but I don’t know I would really like some clarity on this from you

Let’s first take a deep breath and notice the presence that you are Be here it’s the only place you truly can be is here and now to become truly Fearless it’s actually possible for all of us to cause fear isn’t real now danger is real but fear that something we all have found victim to it’s the core of almost every so-called negative emotion or issue

But you must realize that it’s all a part of the false reality that the mind has created Fear Can rise constantly the ego’s saying don’t do this because they might think this way about you what if you go here and this happens what if you fail

Etc etc and to make it seem even more real the mind will create mental movies making it truly feels as if whatever the mind has created is actually happening or going to happen but if you can realize that the mind creates a false reality and then there is another

Reality outside of the mind you will be able to see the truth of what’s actually happening yes I understand that it’s not real but it feels so real and sometimes it’s such a burden all I truly want is to not even have thoughts about the fears I have

They just seem to have so much pull on my energy and attention even knowing that it’s not real seems to not be enough because knowing that it’s not real will never be enough you have to see it you have to realize it to get over fear you don’t run away from

It you go through it you have to see through it the knowledge you have about fear is wonderful but knowledge isn’t enough you must begin living in what you know it must be turned into wisdom you are the awareness of all experiences and awareness cannot be affected by what

It is aware of because it’s just aware and at peace with what is instead of focusing on the fears notice you’re self-aware of it instead direct your attention back to your true self as awareness and be more Curious of what’s aware of it meaning become aware of awareness and

Just continue to see how this awareness isn’t affected by what’s going on with the mind it’s not affected by the Illusions and lies of the Mind and this awareness it’s what you truly are it’s what you have always been Well I thought you can’t be what you perceive so how could I be the awareness that I’m aware of the saying become aware of your awareness isn’t actually what’s happening when you become aware of self what you truly are as formless so you can’t actually be aware of awareness

It’s just the language used to point you to being this is how you truly be yourself if you can constantly return your attention back to being things like fear anxiety Etc all of it will begin falling away because you’re beginning to see how fake it is it’s literally not real and nothing can

Change the truth of that it’s only an obstacle for you because you identify with it if someone else was screaming fears at you you would just look at them and ignore it maybe even laugh you can get to the point to where when thoughts rise you don’t reject them or

Ways for them to go away you’ll just be able to look at them and laugh eventually the power that was attached to those thoughts will diminish well that’s very comforting to hear is there any like quick way to get over fear like is there anything that you can

Tell me that will shift something in me right now well that all really depends on if you are willing to see and accept the truth if you have a strong ego that’s so secure in what it appears to believe it may take some apparent time to have that energetic shift

But I will say this and you can notice this right now and if you can keep this with you your perception on reality will change for the better the truth as you aren’t afraid of anything at all okay there is one thing you may be afraid of and that’s the emotions in the

Body you see you fear a certain situation not because of the situation but because of how you believe it will make you feel what you are afraid of is feeling uncomfortable and that’s all it truly is you do not like those sensations of the body so you

Try to avoid feeling those feelings any way possible it honestly has nothing to do with what’s happening outside of you this is why it’s so important for you to realize that you are the Creator you are the creator of reality and it all starts within nobody is making you mad you are

Allowing yourself to react that way something triggered something within but instead of looking within to see why you reacted that way you look and blame the external nobody has broken your heart you broke your own heart it’s just the truth nobody and I mean nobody is responsible for your feelings

So really please every time a trigger Rises don’t look on the outside and say what needs to change what do I need to do go to the core of the creation it’s within you will learn what you need to learn if you are more Curious of what’s going on Within

Because everything begins with you you cannot change the external from the outside you have to go within first it’s like trying to change the programming on a computer on the outside it’s not possible you have to open it up and fix the inside this applies with everything when it

Comes to fear yes it’s going to be uncomfortable to transcend but it’s worth it now that you know it’s only an emotions you are running from don’t run from it notice how it makes the body feel and sit with it drop the mental story attached to the emotion and just notice

The body feel those feelings you’ll begin to notice they aren’t as bad as you thought those energies aren’t killing you they may be uncomfortable but that doesn’t mean it’s bad it’s not good neither it just is what it is the truth is the truth no need to label it good or bad

See everything for what it truly is and the only way to do that is to see it without the mind’s input without the labels and judgments the mind will try to create try seeing things through the eyes of a newborn completely ignorant to everything no nothing be nothing and just be

You are so powerful and I would hate for you to never realize it because of your identification with the mind and its false reality it’s time to realize what you truly are you are God you are awareness you are everything you are the energy that animates life itself

No need to know your power just be it

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