Expanding Your Consciousness | Discover The Power Of Consciousness | Guided Meditation

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Full Transcription:
Hello and welcome to this powerful meditation please find a quiet place for you to get comfortable either sitting down or laying down if your eyes aren’t closed already please close them and begin to take a couple deep breaths during this meditation you will discover how powerful you truly are

You will tap into the power of consciousness so without further Ado let’s begin please with the power of your awareness to come aware of your breathing now do not try to control it or change it it will change naturally as you place your awareness on it be aware from the

Beginning to the middle and the end of each breath it feels good to breathe when you are aware of it now we will begin expanding your Consciousness anyone can do this even someone who is completely new to meditation place your awareness on your body and begin to see it from a third person

Perspective if you are sitting down you can see the back of your head and your back if you’re laying down you can see the front of your body Understand that Consciousness has no form Consciousness isn’t human consciousness is just Consciousness we don’t know everything about it but we do know that it is awareness so just become aware of your human body here in this very moment foreign let’s move on to level two Please now become aware of the room that you are in see everything in your room without opening your eyes you can see your whole room look for an object that you know you can touch or grab right now as he wanted to with your eyes close just locate it

You can see it return back to seeing the room including your body in the room as of right now you are not human just believe this for now you are now the awareness of everything drop the story of your life you have no past no desires for the Future No Name

Be nothing and everything at the same time now being the Consciousness that you are to come aware of a room next to you you can see the exact layout the more and more you expand your Consciousness the more and more your heart will begin to open up so during

The meditation notice the energy shift within your heart space allowed to open allow yourself to love everything you are aware of because you are everything so now see your body the room your body is in and the room next to you all at once Now travel to your bathroom take your Consciousness and observe your bathroom if you have a mirror look into the mirror you shouldn’t see a body remember you are traveling with your Consciousness right now not your human form Now expand your Consciousness and see the house or building you are in see it from the outside see the front and the back and each side also feel your heart beginning to open up your breathing pattern may have changed foreign see the whole neighborhood see each tree see each sidewalk and even

The cars parked around the neighborhood do you see any street signs Foreign as you can see you can honestly travel any way you want with your Consciousness and I mean anywhere and you are able to do this because you are everything you are Consciousness and Consciousness is everything we honestly do this constantly throughout the day and we don’t even notice it for example

When you start to fantasize about your future your awareness is no longer here and focused on this very moment your Consciousness is focused on a future event that you believe will or will not happen but you can see it you can literally see your imagination your Consciousness traveled to a so-called future event

This is why we can feel our future and past you can bring feelings from events you think will happen in the future and you will feel those feelings in this very moment your brain cannot tell what’s real now let’s get back to expanding Come back to the body look inside of your body and observe your heart see it beating The sensation may feel a little heavy now go back to viewing your whole neighborhood foreign Should be clearing up in the heart it should feel lighter your heart should literally feel like it’s opening up now I want you to open your eyes because you can do this with your eyes open it’s trippy right because it feels like it should be fake but you’re doing it

You can still see all those places you just observe even with your eyes open now that you have experienced this use this very technique to see your dream life visit the house you live in look at your bank account see the money use this to manifest bring those feelings from your

Imagination into this very moment and feel it as if you already have everything you ever wanted thank you so much for watching you are so powerful [Laughter]

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