Everything Is One Just Realize This! ( Non Duality )

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Full Transcription:
Everything is connected and everything is one we have all heard of this before many many times but nobody seems to actually understand that it’s true it’s not a lie or a metaphor there is literally no such thing as separation there’s Just an Illusion of separation but honestly everything is just

Consciousness let me give you an example Beth has been on her spiritual journey for five years and she struggles with the concept of Consciousness awareness the very one thing we all are and many of you may also struggle with trying to grasp exactly what awareness

Is what does it look like how does it feel and where do I find it well we are aware of us remember how I said there is no separation we can never not be this Consciousness awareness we just forget that we are and we create this illusion that we are separate from

It there is this illusion that makes it feel like we are not awareness because we identify with our thoughts our bodies and our beliefs but there is no other self there isn’t two of you there is only one and we are all this one Beth wants to know how do we know when

We are awareness well first understand that you can never not be it and for a second I want everyone to quickly experience this for themselves close your eyes just for a second if you would like to experience this if not that’s okay you can still do this with your eyes open

Now just become aware of the experience of listening no need to think about how to listen or what you are listening to just relax your awareness on listening Now notice that the only reason you know who are listening is because something is aware of it what is it that is aware it’s not you as a human because a human body cannot be aware only awareness can be aware do you see what I am saying when you want to practice

Self-realization you must become aware of your awareness let go of any experience just be so curious to notice who’s aware but don’t go looking for it because you will never find it remember you are already you you don’t have to search for yourself you have no form or no Center

And if it feels like your awareness is in the body like behind the eyes notice that something is aware of that sensation also this allusion to we are separate and that there is two of us is exactly what many people never seem to grasp when on their Awakening Journey there is nothing

Else but Consciousness this body is consciousness expressing itself life is consciousness everything is Created from Consciousness and we are all this one thing your friends and family are you I am you LeBron James Ellen musk Jesus whoever it may be it’s you and Jesus knew this he

Knew that his being was God’s being you are a human being my being is yours there is no separation it’s all Just an Illusion when I sit to connect to my being and you sit to connect to yours we are connecting to the same Source remember Consciousness has no form or No

Boundaries a human does not create Consciousness it’s the other way around Consciousness is what creates humans this is also why you may hear me say we are God a lot of people may disagree because of their religious teachings and I respect that but realize how powerful

We truly are if you are a Christian understand that this is exactly what Jesus was trying to preach he knew God wasn’t outside of him he knew he wasn’t separate from the creator of all he knew he was an expression of this God and that his being is also God’s we are so

Powerful but people don’t want to accept that I don’t have all the answers and I never will I just know a little bit about a lot nobody really knows what’s going on here we do not know what Consciousness actually is we know a little about it

But I’m positive there are things he may never figure out about it but I do know it’s who we truly are all of us your pets are also you because they are conscious they share the same exact being it’s just another way of Consciousness expressing itself you are

The trees and plants and birds you are nature you are the stars and clouds your grandparents and parents there is only one being you are the terrible people who do terrible things in this world and you are the positive people who do good in this world behind all of the

Conditioning and personalities and actions their being is your being you can deny it all you want but notice how something is aware of your denial notice how something is aware of your current beliefs and what’s aware isn’t affecting by it or change by it it’s just aware

If you don’t agree with anything in this video notice that something is aware of how you feel no matter what may be going on outside of you or inside of you there will always be something aware of the experience once you truly understand and experience non-duality your journey in life will

Become a lot more peaceful you will have no need to worry about anything because you know who you truly are if seven billion people are against you but they’re unconscious and you are the only conscious being you are stronger than that whole crowd this is how strong and

Powerful and awakened being is Jesus told God to forgive the people who were doing him wrong because he knew they were unconscious everyone who betrayed him he still loved because he was awakened to his true nature we are all one and slowly the world is moving towards this knowing it’s not a

Belief this is a deep knowing you know this to be true through experience words honesty don’t do anything you have to experience this connection to being to know it and we can all do it because we are already being it we are already who we truly are you just have to notice it

So I hope this has given some of you A New Perspective and opened up some curiosity in you thank you for watching

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