Once we have all come to the Truth and realization that all of Life is experienced INSIDE our heads, through our sensory centers, and that we’re never “outside” of ourselves, we can understand the connection of Oneness. Nothing ever happens, unless it happens in our heads. And the only limitations we have, are those that the ego has sold us. In fact, even our organic brain, is in our brain.

We are under the impression that the entire universe is coming AT us, when in reality, it is coming FROM us and THROUGH us. And we are tied together in the fiber of the vast Matrix of unconsciousness that is the network – the Field. How else would I see the same things as you see, hear the same things you hear, or be in the same place as you are? Life … is in our heads … experienced in the skull. Science has proven what the ancients knew all along, that there is no such thing as matter as we believe it to be. Matter (Latin for Mother) is simply the lowest level of vibration and frequency that we can experience. Nothing more.

Everything is energy … electrical energy. When you think you are touching something, it is experienced in your head … in the Mind and brain sensors. You’re never really touching anything. It’s simply vibrational frequency electrical energy transferring awareness energy from one center to another in your organic brain. We are not born INTO this world … we are born OUT of it. As a leaf comes from out of a tree, and a tree out of the Earth. This has been a continuous process since the very first seed. The apple seed contains within it, all that is needed – not just for another tree – but for an entire orchard. But before it can grow, it must be buried within the earth, and then grown from within the Earth Mother. As above, so below.

The universe is limitless. It is a dome of eternity … vast and never ending because everything is energy, and energy cannot be created, and cannot be destroyed. It just IS … and it is everywhere. And this is what WE are … energy, having what we call a physical experience. But we are NOT the experience. We are NOT the body. We are NOT the Mind. We are the watcher, the witness, the experiencer. What you are looking for … is what is looking. We are as the bright white light projecting from the back of the room in the movie theatre. We believe what is seen on our movie screen/life is real. It all seems to be real. But it is nothing more than a projection from who we are within. And we see Life the same way … as moving still pictures/images. Our Mind captures billions of still images and converts them to fluid motion, adds colours/hue and depth of field (dimension), and even labels everything according to what has been programmed.

Past, present, and future are all here right now. Where else would they be? The dead and the living are right here, right now. Where else would they be? Where else is there for them to go but somewhere in the vast universe … which is INSIDE of us and existent in a place called NOW. The past has passed, but we carry it around with us NOW. The desires we have that we wish to experience, we carry with us NOW. When a child is born, we are that child and that child is us. There is no separation of things. There are no things. There is only ONE thing, and it is ALL things. You may call this God, Allah, Source, Absolute, Universe, Almighty, or any other hundreds of labels, titles, and descriptions. We are the great re-arrangers. There is nothing new, and there won’t ever be. Because everything we make, we make out of the stuff that was already here. All we do is re-arrange it into something else. We have all we will ever desire and need right here among us, st this moment. All we have to do is attract it to us, receive it, and learn the ancient secrets from the Wisdom of the Ages as to how to do it.

You and I are the center of the universe. Everything emerges FROM us. Everything emanates from us. We are a collective, though individualized essences, of the One that is ALL. When you come to this understanding and Truth, Life throughout the world will improve for ALL LIFE, and eventually we will bring Heaven to Earth. When we realize that what we do to other, we do to ourselves, because there is no “other” … then we will have come to the awareness of our Higher-Self … our Christ-Consciousness. Our Inner Mystery which binds everything together as One. Even rocks are alive at a cellular level. They have consciousness just as we do. Our mitochondria energy factories in our cellular biology are the power centers of all thing(s) found in this universe of amazing inspiration. Go forth and multiply knowledge.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor, ORDM.

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