Do This EVERYTIME You Feel A Negative Emotion

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Full Transcription:
Have you been trying to heal lately and it just feels like nothing is working you continue to meditate and do all these exercises to get rid of a negative feeling well maybe you’re looking at negative emotions the wrong way trust me after this you shouldn’t need any more

Techniques to heal this emotional pain first things first there is no such thing as a negative emotion it’s simply just an uncomfortable sensation in the body it doesn’t become this negative thing until you add the mental story you attach to it for example when you are experiencing anxiety you

Feel that sharp and comfortable sensation in the chest and automatically you start worrying about your future you start to fear doing the things you would love to do but what would happen if you just dropped told the mental stories attached to the sensation well then it would just be a sensation

And if you can do this you are already so close to letting go of this feeling controlling your life I know how uncomfortable it may be and I know how the ego wants to pull you back into his mental chatter but you have to find the courage to just observe what’s

Going on in the body without the need to change things or judge it it’s a practice so don’t beat yourself up if you fall back into your whole pattern sometimes it would make sense for you to do that I mean you have been this way your whole life

Negative emotions are a blessing and disguise because once you understand why they are here you will be so grateful for them but most of us allow them to hurt us and control Our Lives these emotions are signals they are trying to direct us to something positive you see whenever you are

Feeling a negative emotion and having negative thoughts there is a higher version of yourself that’s thinking the opposite of what you think and that negative emotion is trying to tell you that you are not in alignment with who you truly are this higher version of yourself that’s

Just saved you from the future trying to communicate and guide you to your greater good when you feel anxiety and you start thinking about how you’re not good enough it hurts emotionally because that higher version of yourself is telling you whatever you are thinking right now isn’t true and you’re not

Aligned with me but you have to know how to stay in alignment even when these emotions try to get the best of you you have to learn how to surrender surrendering to your emotions will literally change your life so fast and I will tell you the correct way to do it

So when you feel a negative emotion that you want to let go of put all of your attention and focus on to the sensation even when thoughts rise just let them stay in the background how your sensation is in the spotlight and observe it don’t judge it don’t look

For it to change you have to drop all expectations simply just feel how it feels to feel that feeling and I know it’s very uncomfortable but you will feel lighter and lighter as the practice continues imagine you are breathing in and out from the sensation also that will help

The tension lighten up tremendously the key here is to not try to do anything about what’s going on currently don’t try to make it go away make peace with it and accept it it’s going to be here even if you don’t accept it so you should just accept it

Trust me as will play out in your favor remember to just do nothing just notice it and allowing anything to come up and go away emotions are energy in motion and they can be in motion if you are constantly resisting them and stopping them from leaving the body

They don’t want to stay inside the body and neither do you they want to leave and you’re just not allowing them to what this is doing is changing your reaction and changing the way you deal with emotions if you feel fear and always react in a very fearful way maybe you let your

Heart beat very fast and you start to worry that’s a way you react to the feeling of fear but you have the choice to stay calm and to just observe what’s going on inside of your mind and body without reacting to anything at all over time that Sensation will no longer

Affect you the same way you will be able go about your day even if you are a feeling that sensation this letting go and surrendering technique is my favorite healing technique to do because it works and the results come almost instantly when you surrender you are surrendering

To whatever higher power you believe in the universe wants to help you and this is a way for you and the universe or God to create that healthy and Powerful relationship you can surrender any problem to it anything and everything I promise this will also allow of your

Manifestations to come to you when you are surrendering you are in the receiving mode because you are allowing everything to just be and the only reason you don’t have your manifestations right now is because you have doubt and fear and the way you have these mental and emotional blockages and

You are constantly resisting something you can’t receive anything if you are resisting something so use your emotions and a guy be grateful that they are here so that you can deal with them be grateful that your emotional guidance system is working start saying thank you when you feel uncomfortable because now you’re getting

The opportunity to release some of this tension you are so powerful and you will see that very very soon just trust yourself more trust in this practice and surrender to it and watch How the Universe Works its magic in your life and honestly it shouldn’t take no longer

Than a couple days to see results maybe even after one practice of surrendering you will feel and notice how lighter you feel I’m wishing nothing but love and healing to you on your journey thank you

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