Do This Everytime You Experience Negative Emotions! ( Liberation, Healing, Pain Body, Freedom )

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Full Transcription:
Who told you that negative emotions were bad is it because we call them negative emotions it’s honestly just energy in the body when is the last time you just sat and observed them if you have you would notice that they aren’t hurting you it may be uncomfortable but it isn’t killing you

For years we have suppressed all these emotions daily and constantly the moment you feel uncomfortable you run and pick your phone up or you turn on Netflix we have so many ways to escape these feelings but it’s not doing anything but making it worse I promise you if you reject those urges

And just sit with those feelings life or begin opening up for you in ways you can’t even imagine this is exactly what you should do when you begin feeling negative emotions so let’s say you are experiencing anxiety right now in the body you get that heavy and comfortable feeling that

Either sits in the chest or stomach and then comes the stories attached to those emotions stories about what if this happens or what if this doesn’t happen all of these lies the Mind begins to create to rise and because your thoughts and feelings together create your reality it feels as

If what the mind is imagining is real it can feel like it’s actually happening or going to happen I know how real it feels but you have to ask yourself is this true is this my true experience outside of the mind’s Illusions regardless of how you feel the truth is it’s not real

So simply just inquire that you now have to notice those energies in the body no need to focus on it with full effort this is an effortless noticing what you truly are as Consciousness is already aware of everything in your experience you wouldn’t even know the body was

Feeling away if you weren’t aware of it already realize how you as Consciousness awareness isn’t there been aware of the sensation of the body without even trying you are aware of everything already without trying you see the moment you begin trying you begin using the mind you don’t need mind

Activity to be aware you already are When you are able to notice that you are already aware of those uncomfortable Sensations you’ll be able to look at them without attaching your identity to them instead of believing you have anxiety it will just be a noticing of energy in the body you can say oh there is anxiety in the body

And then just allow it to be there you are not the body and this sensation is not killing you the body is designed to handle these energies you don’t have to fight it or reject it these emotions seems to hurt so much and you reject them so much because you are

Constantly rejecting them they are screaming for you to just look at it and you keep saying no there is nothing wrong with being uncomfortable there is just this belief you have that if I’m not feeling at peace or happy or joyful then it must be bad

But who told you this and who’s the one thinking that you have to drop these labels attached to these Energies because how is it that to people can be experiencing the same energy in the body but they both react to it differently while one is experiencing anxiety the other one is experiencing excitement

It’s because of the mind’s lies you have to notice that the stories you have attached to these emotions are the only reason why you perceive them as negative it’s not good or bad it just is these triggers are all honestly opportunities for you to grow and have massive breakthroughs these energies are

Rising for a reason how about you see them that way instead get excited next time you feel uncomfortable because you know now I can go within and feel these feelings so that I can release these Energies but have no desire for them to go away have no desire for them to change treat

These energies like your younger self show it love and compassion what you truly are as already accepted it if it wasn’t accepted it wouldn’t be here it’s the mind that’s trying to take you away from it and reject it forget about the mind let it sit in the background

You can see these emotions it’s the younger version of your character trying to get your attention they want your comfort be there with them until they decide to go away it’s going to be uncomfortable but that’s all it will be uncomfortable does not mean bad do not confuse the two

There is no such thing as good and bad everything just is it is what it is now to help are you a little more with this I’ve heard this analogy about how what you truly or is like the space in your room you can bring in a bed a TV people can

Run in and out of your room you can even throw garbage in there but the space Remains the Same the space isn’t throwing people out of your room or rejecting furniture it just allows whatever to exist within it to exist the human body and mind you are experiencing is also within this

Space but the space never identifies with anything within it it Remains the space it’s not attached to anything it’s not going to stop you from leaving it just is well what you truly are is exactly the same way emotions come in and thoughts rise in what you truly are

Just accepts it and allows it to be here it doesn’t try to reject anything that’s the Mind appearing to do that it doesn’t hold on to anything that’s the Mind appearing to do that this awareness that you truly are isn’t a product of the Mind it’s what allows the mind to even appear

To exist it’s beyond it so try not to be aware by using the mind you will get confused just notice that you already are aware without even trying to be feeling your feelings is by far one of the most powerful healing things to do you don’t need to be spiritual or

Religious to do this so many energetic shifts can happen from this because you are now clearing out that old stuck energy and making room for the new energy the more you do this that space within you will begin to grow also you will no longer mind feeling certain feelings

They won’t have that pull on your attention anymore once those emotions drop the stories attached toot will fall away also I would also recommend realizing that you are not the body this will allow you to let go of trying to control how it feels and you’ll just allow it to be how

It is in the moment nothing is happening to you to what you truly are the body feels pain you are just the Observer of that experience I hope you take this information seriously and decide begin feeling your feelings it won’t change your experience permanently thank you

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