Cure Your Fear Completely | Guided Meditation

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Full Transcription:
Welcome to this guided meditation to let go of your fear completely let’s begin please get comfortable sit down or lay down whatever is comfortable for you place your awareness in the body and close your eyes start taking a couple deep breaths and really feel that they’re coming and going in

Hold and release out everything that no longer serves you and relax do this one more time on your own now fear isn’t real fear is a problem for you because of the way you think about the feeling of fear you’re actually not afraid of whatever you think you’re afraid of

You’re afraid of the feeling someone that’s afraid of public speaking is only afraid of how they will feel when speaking in public they may not want to feel nervous or they don’t want to feel judged they don’t want to feel fear if you take away the mental stories attached to these feelings

You are left with just the sensation in the body but a lot of us aren’t aware of this and yes i know your fear feels so real and you think you are really scared but that’s only because you think that sensation in the body means something is bad

Nothing is good or bad until you label it that everything just is it is what it is take another deep breath let’s continue to relax you are doing great when you feel fear next time just become aware of what’s really going on a thought comes in and that thought

Triggers a feeling and when those thoughts and feelings are together they create my current state of being knowing that and observing this happening to you without judgment will really open your eyes to see what fear really is think about it someone may be scared to death of

Spiders but then there is a kid out there that loves them and has a collection of them the only difference between those two people is how they think and feel about it the simple fix to getting rid of fear is to start feeling your emotions and that’s all you’re doing just feeling feelings

You don’t need your mind or power to feel your body let’s try feeling right now deep breath and then go directly into the body no thoughts are needed for this exercise just feel whatever you are feeling is great ask yourself how do i know i have hands

Then go directly to the feeling of your hands do this with everybody part of your body and relax as you get better at this you’ll be able to feel the whole body as one sensation i’m going to let you feel for a little bit by yourself now i will be back

I just gotta go get some milk we ran out You’re doing great yes exactly like that So remember just feel no need for any mental activity Now when facing any difficult emotion pay attention to how it feels and let that be your only focus don’t judge it just feel it i know it may be uncomfortable but feelings come and go and eventually will pass you are now teaching your body a new way to react to these feelings

Once you change your reactions to things in life your life changes i’ve gave you all the information you need i will leave you to practice and grow your inner body awareness now try bringing up the feeling of fear with thoughts and then drop the thoughts and feel your feelings

You are so strong and full of light i’ll be checking in with you how you continue practicing on your own Don’t be hard on yourself you are still learning So so breathe a little more deeply and really feel You’re so powerful and full of light So You

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