Break Through The Illusion Of Separation For True Freedom

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Full Transcription:
Since our physical bodies were manifested here we have been constantly reminded that we are all separate from each other as kids we were taught that this site couldn’t hang around this sigh we were taught that skin color makes us different and separate if you didn’t follow my religion I couldn’t talk to

You because you don’t believe in the God that I believe in the poor and the rich can’t be around each other politics separate us our desires separate us our religious beliefs separate us but we all have forgotten that separation doesn’t exist and it never has it’s all Just an Illusion that we have

Fallen into the illusion of Separation I think the biggest reason you all think we are separate is because a lot of us still identify with being just human we believe that we are these bodies and that sense of self grows and grows so strong when you continue to identify with the body

Why do we believe that separation exists well that can easily be answered you can simply say well me and you are standing across from each other so that distance clearly proves separation or you can look at your pets and say well I’m clearly not my dog you only

Believe in this because you still identify with being the body see how every single thing you can think of that support separation leads back to identifying with these characters oh I can’t be my parents there’s no way that I’m all of those serial killers I would never do such a thing

I’m clearly not the president well guess what you aren’t even who you think you are you are not this human character that you have been identifying with your whole life but if you believe that still of course you will still be in the illusion of separation

I want you to inquire this really quick I want you to experiment with what I’m about to tell you I want you to close your eyes for a couple seconds and locate where you think you exist in the body Is it behind the eyes is it in the brain is it in the chest area where is this you that you think exists located for most of us it’s in the face but if you really look at it it’s just a sensation without labeling it just feel that it’s

Just a sensation really quick You may open your eyes if you haven’t already you see you cannot be found in the body because this character you have been identified with does not exist yes there is a physical manifestation of what we call the body but if you inquire the body it’s just a sensation and

Energy vibrating that creates this illusion of something solid here’s a fun fact the universe and everything and it is made up of 99.9 percent happy space if her eyes were capable of seeing what’s going on the illusion of separation would be very clear to see through because there is actually nothing in

This universe that is actually solid if you go small enough you will find a vast amount of empty space containing atoms electrons Etc and they are all relatively enormous distances away from each other we believe we are these bodies because they feel so personal these Sensations feel solid but solids

Are Just an Illusion it’s not really what it appears to be notice how every sensation also doesn’t have an edge if you close your eyes and become aware of any sensation notice how you can find an edge it fades away and goes on forever and that’s because we

Truly are has no boundaries we have no density and we truly have no identity because we are everyone and everything we are everything and nothing at the same time so if you are Beyond this body that means everyone else is beyond this body we are all God Consciousness awareness

The universe there are many different names people give them but it all point to the same thing and it’s who we have always been and there is no separation from anyone and anything because everything is connected and everything is one there is only one thing going on God

Consciousness that is the only thing happening the pain the thoughts any experiences God it is you now during your journey you may run into trying to seek out the experience of no separation but remember separation doesn’t and has never existed and you have never existed so there is no need

To try to dissolve separation because separation already doesn’t exist and that is very important to understand because many people go years and years seeking for something that they will never find because everything already is everything that arises in your current experience is exactly what you have been looking for to cause everything already

Is it’s also important to know that separation is not a feeling it’s just a concept if you are feeling separation realize that separation is not a feeling you can’t feel separation there is another emotion behind what you think separation is to cause separation is just a concept

It’s Just an Illusion that you still believe in to truly experience Oneness you must first know that separation doesn’t exist you will not experience true Oneness unless you first believe that separation does not exist you have to believe it before you experience it if you genuinely began to believe in

This your belief system will begin to prove to you and your external world that separation does not exist if you have ever taken drugs the reason you are so happy and liberated is because that false sense of self goes away the identification with the body begins to

Diminish and you feel more connected to your true being your ego pretty much goes away and you’re not even aware of why you feel the way you feel so what should you do to begin to get rid of the illusion of Separation first you must accept the fact that separation

Doesn’t and has never existed constantly notice that you cannot find yourself in the body because who you truly are cannot be contained or located and most importantly feel your feelings it’s time to stop running away from how you feel you have to constantly place your awareness on those uncomfortable

Sensations in the body without the desire for them to go away sit with them to come one with them forget about what the mind is saying no matter what and just focus on those Sensations this will allow the trauma in your body to diminish which will allow energetic

Shift to occur for you if you have all that stuck energy and blockages in you you will truly never experience Enlightenment and the most liberating experiences because you have no room for that amazing energy to shift you to a higher state if you want more information on feeling

Your feelings I have videos on my channel for that or you can simply look up how to feel your feelings I highly recommend this for everyone it’s by far the most important part of healing I hope I answered some questions or even sparked some curiosity in you I

Appreciate you and thank you for watching

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